I just bought a fake :(

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    I just bought a Bal Twiggy and upon receipt listed on the Bal AT thread, and I am shocked to find out that its a fake! I have never had this happen to me before. I just emailed the seller saying that I am trying not to panic and she may not have known, but I had the bag authenticated when it arrived today and I am being told it is not authentic. I gave her the link to the thread. I will hope she emails me back, but any advice on what to do? I am so upset. Thank you all so much for any help and advice on what to do and how to handle this process.

    I just paid $7 and sent an authentication request to Carol Diva. Oh goodness. This sucks.
  2. Try to work it out with the seller & as you have mentioned she may not have

    known it was a fake

    If you don't hear back from her, then you should file a SNAD

    Keep us posted
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    Thank you, hotshot! So, if the seller agrees to the return, do I open a dispute so that there is proof of a reason to send the bag back or how does this work? I really appreciate your help and fast posting!

    Oh! Sorry, and how long do I wait to hear from her? One day? Two? Thank you again!
  4. Do not open a dispute if the seller is willing to acccept the return. I would wait until tomorrow morning.

    DO USE SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Verify the return address with PayPal. I would insure it too.
  5. If the seller is willing to take the return, please send this bag back with

    signature & insurance if it is over $250 for your protection & verify the address

    with paypal

    Give your seller at least 24 to 48 hours to resolve this...

    If you don't hear back at that point, then you should file a SNAD..
  6. A dispute is not necessary if the seller agrees to the return/refund. The seller should offer a refund of the purchase price and original shipping. This is what you would have gotten if you had filed and won a dispute.

    As others have suggested, you should get signature confirmation for the return.
  7. Thank you! I appreciate the direction on how to handle this.
  8. Thanks Hot shot! I will give her 48 hours.
  9. Agreed. It is absolutely crucial you use signature confirmation and you should insure it too.
  10. So its okay to ask her for my full purchase price back? Do I buy insurance? How much would I get considering its not real? Thanks for all your help, Northern dancer!
  11. Yes, you should get your full purchase price back plus original shipping.

    Insurance is never a bad idea and is good value for the peace of mind it gives. I would insure it for the price you paid because that is what is at stake if the item gets lost.
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    She just messaged me and is accepting the return. How do I verify her address with Paypal? I can't find it on my receipt for payment.

    I went on Paypal and it says that in order for them to give me the seller's address, I have to open a dispute. She is being very agreeable, so I don't want to do that to her. Is it okay just to use the return address on the package? Or should I have her message me her address thru eBay messaging? Thank you again!
  13. Call PP and ask them to confirm the address she has listed for a return. Also, ask her to confirm the address so you can make sure it is the same. You should be able to find it in PP though. Where did you look in PP?
  14. I looked at the transaction. And then I tried to search it, but no luck. Do you know where I should be looking? And thank you for your your help too!
  15. Call PP and tell them you are returning the bag to the seller and that you need the address she has on file with them. Although, SOMEONE PLEASE CHIME IN HERE, I believe at this point and the way this transaction is going, you should really be confirming with eBay what her address is. Any time I ever did a return or exchange on eBay (only two, but either way), I always went by the address they had on file with eBay. I hope someone will add detail, but that's what I did.