I just bought a brand new city with the gold hardware :)

  1. And I honestly have no idea the name of the gorgeous color I got. It's a dark navy/grey color. It's NOT black. The woman didn't know at Barney's but it is sooooo beautiful. Oh my god I love it soooo much :yahoo:

    Anyone know the name of this color? It's kinda hard to tell in photos.

  2. Ok I think I figured it out by looking at photos on here that it's called Anthracite!!!
  3. Looks like it could be Plomb? it's gorgeous, congrats!
  4. Looks like anthracite to me. Congrats - it's beautiful!
  5. I'm very confused now between Anthracite and Plomb. I looked up pix of Anthracites on here and they look way more blue than mine. Hmmm.
  6. Does the inside tag have a U or a V?
  7. It is GORGEOUS!!!!! OMG, the leather is absolutely incredible. Congrats!

    BTW, did it come with a white card with numbers and the year on it? Right after the year, 2007, there should be a 1, 2, or 3. If it's a 3, it's Plomb.
  8. I think GH bags have leather tags inside.
  9. It says 2007 3. Ok so I guess it's Plomb. It does have a slight blue hue to it though in person. It is so very pretty :yes:
  10. :nuts::yahoo: Yay!!!! That's awesome! It looks gorgeous with the GH. Congrats again, your bag is beautiful and looks fantastic on you.
  11. Oops...I spaced out in all the excitement. I'm waiting for a plomb bag to arrive and I'm hoping it looks just like this one!:happydance: Congrats on a really beautiful bag!:tup:
  12. soo pretty!
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm glad I figured out the color! So what is Plomb considered? I keep thinking it says plum hehe. Is it grey? Or a light black? It does look navy in some ways!!!
  14. This bag totally sold me on Plomb......the leather is to tdf!!!
  15. how odd. I was at Barney's LA yesterday and they said they didn't get any steel/lead color in the new bags, that all they had in that family was the anthra from last season and the new blacks! I actually suspected the SA might be wrong though, because there was a new besace/hobo/messenger that looked like plomb - she said no, it's black. But it wasn't as black as the other blacks.

    But are we sure that number/code means plomb? Looks like anthra to me, too.