i just bought a book about handbags.

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  1. it's called, "Handbags- The Power of the Purse"

    as i'm sitting here browsing the purse forum, my boyfriend is sitting on my bed reading THE BOOK! i am laughing it's soo cute!

    i haven't even gotten a chance to read it yet!

    "so..... is it any good?"

    ......mm hmmm....yeaahh......

    guess it is, he's not talking to me! LOL. :lol::lol::lol:
  2. LOL! THAT'S a cute picture!
  3. I bought that..it has a really great pics!
  4. ooo I need to get that book! :love:
  5. Sounds like your bf is a keeper! :cool:
  6. Does Amazon carry it or did you get it from borders or something like that. I think i would really enjoy it.
  7. Oooh that sounds like an interesting read !
  8. bought it at barnes & nobles. they should have it online it's by anna johnson. 14.95
  9. I've got it too! Interesting little book.
  10. Thanks!
  11. What exactly is it about? Besides the obvious.
  12. Oh my god, that's a great book. I think there's another one in the series about shoes. But I've read that writer's articles - she's great - very witty.
  13. Sounds interesting!
  14. I hope it's everything that I hope it would be. I'll pick up a copy tomorow.
  15. Me too!