I just bought a black epi Speedy 35...

  1. I will post pictures, I polished up the brass as best as I could, so it looks very nice (it's used, obviously).

    Anyway, I love the size, love how it's good in bad weather, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm carrying a doctor's bag. Like I'm making housecalls, lol. I don't feel that way with my Azur Speedy - I think it's the color and the size...anyone else have one?? Do you feel that way?
  2. O Wow that's nice Tracy, I would love to see that. I always adored the black epi speedys.
  3. That's a gorgeous bag!! Pictures please? :graucho:
  4. I have the 25 and it IS a bit like a doctor's bag. It is part of the reason I love it; there's something a little bit old fashioned/retro about it......in a good way!
  5. congrats!!
  6. My DH thinks the black looks like a doctor's bag and prefers that I get the red one. Thats just his honest opinion and I kinda feel the same way. But congrats! We all have different tastes and Im sure you can carry that color and style well :tup:
  7. I love the black!! Post pics modeling it so we can see what it looks like on your frame. I'll be honest.
  8. I don't think it looks like you are making house calls! LOL! Maybe you should sell it and get one in another color!
  9. Ok, here are my modeling shots...

    What do you think? I'm about 5'5"....you can guesstimate my weight. ;)
    IMG_1165.jpg IMG_1166.jpg IMG_1167.jpg
  10. i think epi speedies are so classy. i've never seen a 35 epi irl though- maybe its the size that makes you feel you are carrying a doctors bag. i think it looks great on you though. congrats!
  11. Very nice!!! You did a great job
  12. oh wow, nice! i totally understand what you mean about the dr. bag...the 30 makes me feel like i'm carrying luggage!
  13. congrats very nice
  14. Congrats! That bag looks gorgeous on you...love Epi!
  15. I have an epi speedy in 30-isn`t it a great bag? It looks very nice on you! This makes me take out mine!