*i Just Bought A Black Box!!!*

tnc 727

*Workin Girl*
Oct 4, 2006
I just bought a black box from BalNY with Daphne! I love love love her! she is the best SA I have ever worked with!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was so sweet, esp when I told her that i've heard nothing but good stuff about her.

And ever better.... no tax b/c i bought it here in california!!!!! whoooo hooo!!!!!! and i did the free shipping too.... double whoo hooo!!!!!!

so now, BalNY only has 3 black boxes left!!!!!!

Congrats Tara!! i would really like a black box - how much do they retail for in the US? I'm Uk you see so would need to add on import duties but I bet they are still cheaper than here (£620!). Congrats again!!!
Daphne is the best SA isn't she? when i order from them, i uaually have it expressed...2 day or overnight just becuse i can't wait. regular ground takes about 1 week or so...but you're probably a lot more patient than i am...
congrats again....so excited for you!
thank so much girls. i will definitely post pics as soon as i get her and share here with everyone!!!. So who wants to use her monday thru wednesday??? heheheh!!!! :smile:
i'm so jealous! black box is on my want list but i just bought something else and have managed to convice myself i really need it in the '05 or '04 leather so i have to wait for ebay or something. let me know how the leather is and post lots and lots of pics!!!!!