I just BIN something!!!

  1. Today is my lazy day. Watching World Cup and Surfing the web. Just woke up from a nap and checked eBay without full conscious. :Push:

    I saw one listing and just BIN it! :wtf: What do y'all think? I never think about getting a metellics but this one seems cute for coin purse. $210 isn't a bad price for gently used right? :sad:
  2. Forget the pictures again....Yes, I'm still sleepy... :upsidedown:
    balenciagabronzepouch_001.jpg balenciagabronzepouch_002.jpg balenciagabronzepouch_005.jpg balenciagabronzepouch_007.jpg
  3. whoa, i'm glad you posted pictures becuase for a split second i thought you bought a BAG for $210 and was scared it was fake! hahahaha.

    your little metallic is so adorable! congrats!
  4. I saw that and love it! Congratulations!
  5. 0o0o0 cute!!!
  6. So cute! And hot colour too! Congrats!!!
  7. cute! $210 is an okay price for a coin purse.
  8. That is beautiful!
  9. Yeah, now that I come to think about it, it's just an okay price. :yes: It's around 30% off which is the same price as brand new one old at Harvey Nic. :Push: Oh well, I hope I like it IRL. :P
  10. congrats luvpurse its gorgeous!!
  11. very cute, luvpurse!
  12. Gorgeous! Bronze is one of my fave B colors! :jammin:
  13. luvpurse, congrats! very cute!
  14. Totally awesome luvpurse! I have the sky blue coin purse and wish I had the pewter or bronze one like yours.. as the sky blue gets so dingy from rolling around in my bag :X

    Btw, gorgeous icon, ain't Magenta just eye-popping :smile:
  15. Very, very cute! I think you will love it when you get it! Congrats!
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