I just ate fried macaroni and cheese...

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  1. Balls of macaroni and cheese deep fried.

    This proves my point that we Americans LOVE to fry everything! :Push:
  2. oh that sounds yummy!!!
  3. How was it? It sounds good!:nuts:
  4. I've been eating it for years at Cheesecake Factory...it's amazing!
  5. That sounds soooo good.
  6. Yummy! I love friend Mac. Don't you know if it's fried, it always tastes better!?
  7. I had this before, it's definitely an appetizer that is meant to be shared.
  8. I had this for the first time a few months ago!!! It was good....however, I could never eat more than a bite or two of it without feeling GUILTY!!!
  9. just the thought makes my mouth water!!
  10. never heard of this!! was it yummy? sounds good!!
  11. I've had them before and I loved it! I love anything fried!
  12. I'll spoil the mood here and say I'm not feeling it...doesn't sound like something I'd try...
  13. At The Cheesescake Factory they serve it with a marinara sauce. The balls are the size of baseballs, so you can just imagine the amount of cheese holding it together.
  14. paula deen made it on her food network show... they looked great
  15. Oh...you beat me too this!! I think Paula would fry butter if she could.