I just arrived in Europe - Handbags are cheaper here!! Help me with some price checks

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  1. Hello all,

    I am writing you from an Airport internet cafe in Munich (a far cry from my homebase of Honolulu, HI U.S.A) where I have returned to pick up my boyfriend after having arrived myself this morning.

    Enough backstory: I went into the city today and the large Prada Antic cuervo Satchel that retails for $2680 in the U.S.A is 1610 euro or $2043 dollars!! That is $640 off! Wow!!!

    Are Americans being ripped off?

    I also saw Gucci sunglasses that retail for $275 for 210 euro.
    Chanel black Reissue with Silver hardware medium for 1500 euro (which is 1903 dollars)
    Chanel Classic bag (medium I think) 1400 euro or $1776 dollars
    Chanel Madamoselle Flap bag (which I had purchased in the states) for 1300 euro (which is $1649) ... what did I pay?
    Christian Dior Medium Gaucho for 1100 euro (this turns out to be $1395 which is what it retails for in the states).

    What were the prices for the reissue again in the U.S.?
    The Madamoiselle Flap?
    The Classic?

    Is it just me or does it seem like Prada has the biggest markup of all?

    I am wondering if I should buy that Prada... what do you think? $640 off... ??

    Oh! I love europe already. I only wish I was earning euros. Also, sadly, the bags I took with me must be worth even less here...and thus less impressive....
  2. :lol:

    there might be a few handbags that are cheaper but go clothes shopping and your jaw will drop! you have it sooo much cheaper in the states for pretty much everything. but european stuff is cheaper in europe and american stuff is cheaper in america as a general rule.
  3. Yep some things are cheaper over here but most things are far more expensive, just go to the cafés in "Saint Germain" (Paris )...
    now the good thing for you guys is that you get the vat reduction that means an extra 19 ans smth % off.
    I am jealous!
  4. Wouldn't you have to pay customs taxes when you come back though?
  5. DON'T SHOP IN THE UK! it is extremely expensive and shopping in £ will make you sad (except Topshop, etc)
  6. well you're *supposed* to pay taxes. but no one i know ever has. my parents tried to once on a rug they bought in morocco and the customs officials were so perplexed that they just gave them the documentation and had them pay a token fee :lol:

    some stuff is actually cheaper in the uk than everywhere else. british designers generally are, and mulberry definitely is. and you can get mulberry (and chanel and gucci) duty free at heathrow :yahoo:
  7. The higher prices you've seen in the US are thanks to the import tariffs levied against luxury goods. In addition, the poor performance of the dollar against the Euro or pound means that manufacturers are hedging their bets with regards to their MSRP. The money you can get by reclaiming the VAT upon your return is definitely the icing on the cake, though that will be tempered by US customs and duties.

    Enjoy the shopping!