I jumped the gun... my SA called about my Azur Saleya PM!

  1. So a couple days ago, the manager at LV Bloomingdale's is all telling me how they won't have any new azur Saleyas any time soon and they aren't even making them right now, which to me sounds like a bunch of bull.

    I went home and that night, a Saleya PM showed up on eLux finally, so I ordered it.

    Guess who calls me this morning promptly at 10am??

    My SA, who put me on the wait list, to tell me that my bag is here!


    So, I would feel like a jerk if I just called her back and said, uh, I already ordered it, sorry....

    Should I go pick up my new bag from my SA TODAY, and then when my eLux box arrives on Thursday, send it right back? I can live with that, though it's a bit of a hassle I suppose, but my account will be credited right back soon enough.
  2. hard to decide. just let her know you weren't sure if were coming out anymore, and you ordered it. i think it's ok. she'll understand.
  3. Do eLux packages come with a pre-paid return label inside?
  4. The thing is, if I go buy it from her today, I will have the chance to see the bag and inspect it before I buy, which is important to me. Plus I will get it six days sooner :graucho:
  5. I guess it makes no difference other than sales tax. If you don't mind that, go inspect it in person.
  6. Ack! Just remembered that I left my Visa at home anyway. No Saleya for me today. :sad:

    So do I go pick it up tomorrow? ...
  7. I live in California, I have to pay sales tax at eLux.
  8. So eLux returns are pretty easy, right? Do I have to pay for shipping? Anyone?
  9. no I don't you will have to pay for shipping back. When I want a bag, I can't wait. I would go right out and pick it up from your SA and return eluxury.
  10. Jane,
    Remember my Dentelle Speedy that I brought to the tPF meet??

    DH got it off eLux and I wished I would have asked him where he got it and inspected it even more.
    (I usually trust him and not ask any questions.)
    I was so excited and used it right out of the box.
    I didn't really look at the Speedy until I got to a boutique and compared it with theirs.
    The leather trim is all off and doesn't look as nice at the boutique's.

    First and last time I told DH that we would order online.

    So, I would advise you to either:
    - Go look at the bag and inspect it at the boutique and cancel the eLux order
    - Or get both and inspect them together

    Congrats on the Azur Salaya! It is a pretty piece!
  11. Thanks Pinky... I am going in tomorrow to look at the bag they have on hold for me. It's a fresh shipment, so it will most likely be perfect. I think I may also order a "replacement" accordeon chain which I can use as a pochette extender :smile:

    My eLux order is already on its way, so when it gets here Thursday (due to july 4 holiday) I will just turn it right around without even taking it out of the box.

    My poor Visa card. So confused!
  12. are you sure it's already on it's way you may be able to cancel it someone posted about elux saying they shipped on certain day but actually they don't ship until a day or so later can anyone remember that thread??
  13. My CC has already been charged, so it's definitely on a FedEx vehicle somewhere.
  14. I would go to the boutique, I like to hand pick my bags as well! LOL! Congrats is it a stunning piece!
  15. Congrats the Azur bags are beautiful.