I jsut bought the classic pearl necklace!

  1. Soo pretty :biggrin:!!! This is my first Chanel purchase so I'm very happy :biggrin:!!
  2. congrats!! it's going to last you a lifetime!
  3. pics please:smile:
  4. I'll post pics soon :biggrin: I've given it to a friend to take overseaswith her to get my tax back ^^! Chanel in Australia is so much more expensive..
  5. congratz!!
  6. Congrats - I just got my first one too recently and love it! It's super versatile and pretty!
  7. I know you will love it forever. Congratulations!
  8. does anyone who has a pearl necklace think this is authentic or do you know this eBay seller - Imported Fashion House

  9. i want one!!! how much are they?
  10. $695.00
  11. congrats!!! i love necklaces, i always wear one all the time and always added one more depend on the dress :p
  12. Congrats!! classic pearls are so pretty, MTAMBI imported fashion house has authentic stuff, but you can find those pearls in the boutiques for 695, she sells for way over retail.
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  14. Congrats, pearl necklaces are classic and timeless. Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  15. congratz!! The pearl necklaces are gorgeous! :love: