i inherited this bag, what is it??

  1. can you tell me ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BAG??? i have nothing with it, given to me by a retired women who lived in new york YEARS AGO. any info. would be greatly appreciated!! The leather is SO SOFT, but I don't see a "hologram?" or anything like that inside the bag.



  2. I'm not sure this is an authentic bag... do even vintage Chanel bags come with that little leather tag? Does it have a hologram sticker on the inside?
  3. nothing much I can say, but I believe its from the 80's maybe...

    If you wanted to re-sell it..you might get 200-300 or so back?

    Looks authentic, dont worry. enjoy it.
  4. this bag IS real...from the early-mid 90's i think,....or late 80's at the earliest i remember when these came out, they were very popular...............enjoy!!

    maybe hologram came off or maybe they didnt have them then, i am not sure
  5. I've seen a few of these on eBay, I don't know anything about them. Looks like a fun bag, I love the shape!
  6. I remember those rounded shape bags with the quilting on the bottom. How lucky are you that someone gave you a Chanel bag! Enjoy it!
  7. you should put it in the authenticate this section, just to double check with michelle and smooth! I'm sure they'll have some idea about its history! Good luck, cute bag too. :flowers: