I inherited some ugly jewels.

  1. I inherited some very ugly jewels. A set of gold and rubies necklace and earrings, a bracelet with rubies, a gold watch, a ring, and some other stuff...

    I will never wear them, not even when I'm 80 years old. They are ugly.

    I am in a dilemma, what should I do with this stuff? Sell them, or keep them? I'm considering keeping them as they come from a member of my husbands family, and I'm afraid my parents in law will get angry if I sell them. My friend says they are mine and if I don't want them I should sell them.
  2. post some pics
  3. Yikes. Hopefully they are not as bad as you say. But if you hate them that much, sell, and buy something you will like for many years to come.
  4. [​IMG]

    Sorry for the bad pics...

    Also some cigarette cases, other rings, a pair of gold wedding bands...
  5. could you give them to another person in the family who will appreciate them? I know if I were to pass away and I had some jewels that were very sentimental I would want someone to have them that would enjoy them.
  6. These jewels are from my husband's aunt, and his mother gave them to me as she always does with all the junk she doesn't want. It has little sentimental value but I never know with that woman.
    She usually asks everyone she likes in her family and friends to take the things they like and gives me the junk.
    Forgot to tell you the aunt had a daughter that didn't want the jewelry and gave them to my MIL.
  7. I would just hang onto it and see if someone else wants it. Since it's not your relative someone might get upset.
  8. I'm the last link in this chain... I get the junk, everyone else gets the good stuff.
  9. I think the pieces look great...this is my kind of "junk", but then again, I like vintage-style jewelry.

    Maybe you can have the stones removed and reset into a piece you would enjoy??? That's what my sister did with an amythest pendant she inherited from my grandmother...now it is a fabulous ring she wears everyday! :yes:
  10. ^ you do? I have no idea how to wear those things... I 'm feeling I have to keep them for so many reasons, but I 'm a tomboy really... Never wear more than my e-ring, w-band, and pearl studs.
  11. Those don't seem to take up much space. Might be better to just store them away instead of risk offending.
  12. I agree. I would just say keep them because they are heirlooms.
  13. I'd keep them, just because. If it's just these few pieces, I'd tuck them away in a safe dresser drawer. Sometimes it's best to quietly "babysit" things until another relative comes forward and expresses interest in them.
  14. I think their really nice....

    I love the old look of jewlery and it has a definite look of it....

    Keep it and wear it out....then you can really see if you like it or not. You might even get some compliments and this can change you view on it a bit....

    I think its great that someone would think of you to give them to you, no matter why...maybe you can even give them away to family later on as if you really dont care for it...
  15. I don't think they're all that bad. Vintage jewelry is so popular, maybe you could find something to wear that they will look good with. I would hang on to them for a while so as not to offend your husband. You could always ask him what he thinks about them. If he doesn't like how they look on you, let him decide what you should do with them. At least give them a chance and wear them once? Good luck!