I identified my first FAKE today!!!!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Well, I was in the market today to do my food shopping and a lady walks in the door with me. She has on the LV small bucket. So, I look at it and it looks a little funny to me but not too much. Then she smiles at me as if to say, "oh, you've noticed my LV bag".

    I looked at the bottom of the bag where the vachetta starts....and it only had one line of stiching in it in the middle. The real bag (which I checked out on Elux) has 2 lines of stiching...one around the beginning of the vachetta and one a little lower!!!!

    She had on a big, fat, FAKE!!! And she was smilin' like it was da bomb!!!!!!

    I was like this: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. Yes, I am starting to notice it, too. Once you have quality it is hard to go back.
    I am starting to notice how plastic the fakes look, especially what I believe is called the patina. Before, I never thought I would really be able to tell.
  3. wooohooo... :drinkup:

    identify 100 fakes and u get to reward yrself with a new REAL lv!!! :yahoo:
  4. She probably thought my bag was fake too and was smiling at at me because of it!!!
  5. Today must have been "Carry your fake day". I saw a woman at the grocery store with a black mc alma that had only about 7 or 8 repeating colors from what I could tell. I just looked and kept walking!
  6. I hate fakes. It just makes me feel like, here I am spending a good amount of money to have a beautiful, quality item, and fakers are ripping off the style of our bags with like 30 bucks!!!!!!
  7. Couldn't agree more:yes: but theirs will fall apart in no time!:graucho:
  8. Now there's a reason to go strolling down Canal Street!
  9. Me, too! I saw a Mono Speedy today, with feet!
  10. Yeah, I was cracking up at the mall the other day when I saw this lady carrying a bag around with the little plastic circle tag on it...it just screamed FAKE!
  11. Pretty much every bag I have been seeing now is a fake! And I suck at spotting them ,too, they just have been really really bad lately.
  12. wow that's great! I love the feeling when you can recognize a fake! :biggrin:
  13. Haha, nothing is like the feeling you get when you identify your first fake - I remember mine :love: And it only gets better too... I've started to point out fakes to my friends, so now some of them are also catching up to what's fake and real, lol :P
  14. I pointed out the fake to my DH and he actually looked and asked why! It was so Fugly, talk about a waste of money!
  15. That's so funny, by the way is that a new Suhali bag in your avatar?
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