I hurt my self bad trying to clean the bath tub today!! =o(

  1. I was cleaning the bath tub today standing in it with my shoes on so I could clean the shower rack. I stepped out and as I was bending over the tub trying to clean the inside of the tub I slipped and fell. I landed hard on the side of the tub slamming my stomach into it.

    My stomach is so sore now it hurts!!!:crybaby:

    Has this ever happened to anyone else or am I just a huge clutz?
  2. Oh, you poor thing:sad: ...I'm sure you bruised yourself. Try to lay down and take it easy!
    And yes...I have TOTALLY done that. It HURTS.
  3. Ouch that sounds painful! Feel better soon. I've fallen on my bum and once I fell on my back and ouchhh.. that hurts too.
  4. Ouch, I think that happens to everyone at some point. And it really hurts, and you feel like a dork. You may end up with a nasty bruise and some soreness, take care..
  5. Same thing happened to me! When I was about 16 I was taking a bath and was about to get out of the tub. I reached to grab my towel, slipped and fell.........

    and my boob HIT THE SIDE OF THE TUB straight on!! OMG it hurt SO bad and and had a big purple bruise forever across it!

    The bad thing was that we have a shower door and it hit the thin part of the rail! OUCH!
  6. Sorry you hurt!

    I don't think you are a klutz. Everyone slips and falls.

    I fall on the ice here in winter at least once a year.

    Arnica will help the bruise heal faster. Arnica gel or creme. You can get it at health food stores.

    Feel better soon!
  7. Ouch. I'm sorry!

    When I was living at home, one night I tripped coming out of the bathroom. I slammed my chest against our treadmill. Let me tell you: boobs bruise.
  8. Klutz!!! juuust kidding!! I once slammed my nose in a car door.... don't even ask. :p

    Oh ya forgot about this one. Sat on a chair at the top of a staircase and leaned back. Who da klutz?? :smile:

    ps - hope you feel better! you are NOT a klutz!
  9. Awww!! You poor thing!! I hope you're feeling better by now. Don't feel bad, we all fall sooner or later lol! I slipped next to a swimming pool, tried not to fall into the water and ended up breaking my tailbone against the rim of the pool. In front of ALL the kids in my swimming class. Talk about a klutz!