I hope you can offer me some info

  1. Hi ladies! I'm new here and I'm so glad I found you. I've been browsing through previous posts, and you are all a wealth of information. My dilemma is; I love designer purses, but as a grad cannot afford one right now, and I flatly refuse to carry a fake. During my browsing, I have discovered that I have an affinity for vintage Fendi, and have been researching how to spot authentic ones (the Fendi Bag Lady on eBay taught me a lot). I finally bought my first one, and I love it. My questions are- I have been told there are a few (very few) vintage Fendis without serial numbers- is this true? Also, do any of you know of any good resources that offer photos of authentic vintage Fendis to compare to? Is there a book out there with a pictoral history of Fendi? (My searches have come up empty.) Any info is appreciated.
  2. Welcome to TPF!! I don't know much about Fendi but I'm sure some of the lovely ladies here will gladly help you.
  3. Hi, jenn38! I know nothing about Fendi but am sure the knowledgeable ladies (and gents) here can help you (failing that, you might wish to ask on the Fashion Spot forum). Presumably, you have checked out sites like these?


    "Tips on how to tell the fake bags from the authentic" - have you emailed the webmistress of handbagglossary to see if she can help?

    Have you been to this site?

    Apologies if all this is nothing new to you. And thanks for asking this question because I went browsing around and came across bags like these:

  4. Amazon has this book: "The Power of the Purse" which is a pictorial review of handbags in general. You might wish to ask fayden on this forum (she bought the book) if there are many pics of Fendi handbags.




    mentions books on Fendi (probably not entirely about Fendi) but it's not stated whether there are many pics or not (well, there certainly ought to be :biggrin: )

    Again, if this info is old hat to you - sorry :biggrin:
  5. Thanks so much ladies! I knew about a couple of the vintage sites, but the others were new to me and a good source. I'm also going to try to get to Barnes & Noble this week, and if I find anything good I'll pass it along. and Passerby, that beaded bag is exquisite! I've also added a vintage Gucci to my collection today- an older saddle style, more function than fun and form, but still nice; can't wait to get it. Thanks again!
  6. Jenn8, that book "The Power of the Purse" looks like it will be a delightful acquisition.

    Have you visited this site - too bad it only goes as far back as 1997 and doesn't seem to have been updated for ages:

    Check out their Trends page

    Maybe one of the posters living in Italy can help as well? I think divinalucilla lives in Rome (apologies if I remember that wrongly, no time to check).
  7. Jenn38, did you buy that book "The Power of the Purse"? Someone on another forum did a great job scanning pages from it and one of the bags featured is this Fendi:

    The book seems like a really cool book.
  8. Not yet, I haven't had time to get to the bookstore, but it looks really good! (And I love that Fendi!) Thanks for thinking of me!