I hope this isn't a stupid question.....but it might be

  1. Ok. So I've never, ever in my life been to Paris. Never. Tonight my DH decides to tell me that the travel plans we've made for Italy at the end of this month aren't...well....really to his likeing. So, instead of going to Piemonte and then to a convention in Verona (we go to this event every year) he wants to go first to PARIS :nuts: :yahoo: and THEN to Verona.

    So, after I was finished doing cartwheels in the kitchen I sobered up and thought, "well, hold on now! I know what to pack for Italy but what the heck do I pack for Paris? And more importantly....what do I pack for HERMES!!!!"

    And there's the question. To those of you who've been...what do I pack? And what handbags do I take????? I can't go into Hermes looking like a bumpkin from Berkeley! I've gotta pack the right stuff! And I don't even know what that IS!!!!

    :sos: :sos:
  2. Yeah!! Paris better watch out, here comes Shopmom!!

    I can't offer any wardrobe advice (Only wear T-shirt and jeans), but I know the ladies of the forum will be along with lists soon. In any case, having seen your photos, I know you will totally look like you belong there.

    I will say though that even for someone like me, I made an attempt to dress a little better (shirts and blouses instead of Ts). The Parisians are quite well dressed and when I was at the main store people watching, it seemed that even the tourists were well put together. There were two women who came in wearing colorful sleeveless shirts and shorts who were pretty much ignored, so I would avoid that (Not that you would wear anything like that)

    Anyway, I hope you have a lot of fun and score a few bags!
  3. darling time to use the good china :yahoo: dress up and leave the hippie chic where it belongs--- in berkely ! jeans are fine but use high helle (parisians wear them all the time everywhere) and of course bring your elan clutch caramel kelly and croc diva with you !!! go wild girl and show them americans do have style (i know they do but some of the US tourists in aparis well... you can see them from milea away sorry no offence :shame: :flowers:
  4. Shopmom, how wonderful! You will have a marvelous time, I'm sure. And if you take the Empress, just remember to bring along your recent customs papers so the croc can return to the US with you!
  5. Shopmom, I am glad you are going to Paris - Paris in the autumn is lovely, much better than summer because it's so horribly crowded in the holiday season (too crowded for this country bumpkin from Africa!). OMG you will be going to the mothership. I would not dream of offering advice on what to wear; besides we know you will look perfect. I am so pleased for you!
  6. Hey, I looked like the bumpkin from Sydney when I visited the Mothership......mind you we were backpacking!!

    What will the weather be while you're there, for starters?
  7. my solution for all trips -- wear alot of chic black clothing. You don't have as much matching issues obviously, and stretch the amount of wear on a trip!!! Can't go wrong, seriously.
  8. Shopmom you maybe from Berkley but with your taste, i highly doubt that you will ever look like a bumpkin!

    Any of your vintage Kellys will probably love a trip back to where they were made....24 Faubourg! :smile:

    Enjoy Paris and leave some H goods for the rest of us :yes:

  9. great advice! Black and SCARVES!!!!
  10. nobody will figure out she is a Berkley gal! (nothing against Berkley, I will be moving to that neck of woods soon)
  11. ............and take lots of pictures of those windows.........They're truly masterpieces.
  12. ..and you MUST buy a bag from the mothership......
  13. OMG shopmom!! First of all, isn't it mightly early in CA??!!! Second -- whopeee!! You will be fine...I don't much other than what I've seen and read, but simple classic clothing that you wear will do well by you...and you have such a fine collection of bags, bring a couple! In order to take croc you have to have "papers"??!! That's interesting!! When do you leave??
  14. Shopmom, I'm with the black brigade here - fantastic to travel, easy to dress up or down. Mind you, I only wear black (except when I was pregnant, I looked like a demented, fat peasant widow in black then) and you can lighten it with the bags, scarf, shoes. I am sure you look chic in anything and everything; if I were you I'd be less worried about what to wear and more worried about how to bring all that Hermes stuff home again...
    PS What's all this about Berkeley, is it some sort of hippy enclave or what?!!I've heard there's this stunning gal there with a fantastic Hermes collection....
  15. ^^Lol @ the hippy enclave! Yes, pls enlighten us about Berkeley:smile:

    Shopmom, I'm so excited for you! It will be so amazing. Sigh, how I wish..:girlsigh: I agree with packing black! You only need a few nice items and as you'll be able to get a lot more mileage out of them as opposed to say colourful pieces where you'd need to match up with something else. Oh and pack light! Leave plenty of room in the suitcase for all those purchases you're gonna make!!!:graucho: