I hope this isn't a rude question

  1. My daughter & I were in the mood this past weekend to drive into town & actually go into the LV boutique.

    Why oh why are sales people in the boutique always so rude & snobby?

    I have spent so much $ on LV the last 3 years. I could have purchased a couple of vehicles for what I've spent in their store & on eLuxury.

    I used to have a consistant sales associate but for some reason he acts as if I don't exist anymore so I do the same to him.

    I'm so tired of the 'attitude'. It's just purses/hand bags they sell. They are not selling me a $250,000 home or something. It's really getting on my last nerve.
    I walk in with my LV bag & sandals on, my dd has her LV bag & they still snub us.

    I'll wait a year and try again. Still, VERY RUDE.
    When we turn the corner & go into NM & up to that LV counter they are the sweetest people ever.
    I get better service on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills but in my own home town? Forget it.

    I'm sorry I'm just going on & on but I cannot believe how I never go in there, I'll wait a year, try again & they are still the rudest people ever!

    I will NOT purchase from them. I guess I'll stick to eluxury. I get the best service there.
  2. it sucks that people have bad SA experiences. i pretty much had the same experience with the LV that was near my college. i was ignored EVERY time i went there, even when i carried an LV bag too.
  3. That's so horrible. Maybe you could deal through another SA at the store?

    The SAs at my store aren't rude at all but I feel bad because I always go in to browse and hardley ever buy anything. When I went to Paris, I was expecting the SAs in the high-end stores to be horrible and snobby, but they were some of the loveliest assistants I've ever come across - even with the language barrier.
  4. aww, i am sorry to hear about the snobby SAs! It happens often in high end lux brands, such as LV, Chanel or Hermes, but please don't let it ruined all the fun you could have by shopping in boutique. Have you express your experienced w/store's manager, sometimes SA acts different when the manager is around, KWIM? One of the store manager once called and apologized for rude/snobby SA's behavior to one of our tPF girls after she expressed it to the store.
  5. I know exactly how you feel. Funnily, some SAs feel they are above the customers. I hope LV Management are reading all this and take ACTION!
  6. I can´t relate since I got excellent service the first and only time I was at a boutique. I understand why you might want to order from Elux if you´ve gotten crappy service!
  7. I'm really sorry to have to say this but, from the comments posted here, it seems there is a big attitude problem with some SAs in the US. Paris has a reputation for being unfriendly but the SAs there were fine, very helpful and friendly. I use the LV shop in Cannes and they fall over themselves to help you. I've never had a problem with rudeness at all.
    I'm sure there are rude SAs in Europe but I've not experienced it yet.
  8. Sorry to hear about your experience...
  9. I am sorry for your experience, I definitely like my shopping experiences to be positive as well.
  10. I had to make a complaint to the manager at my store.

    I was shopping with DH and DD x2, my little ones heard a female SA being really rude about my SA.

    Just not acceptable in my book.
  11. Very disturbing~ I don't except rudeness any where I go. Sometimes It gets me into an arguement, but all in all THEY are the ones at fault. I got into it over a rude pharmacy tech. I told her she was rude to the doctor on the phone and to me. I then asked for her manager and the footage of her insatiable behavior. This is a huge problem in our society and I am sorry for your experience:cursing:
  12. Awwww... sorry to hear about your bad experience... :sad:

    I'm glad you found the NM boutique better though. :smile:
  13. Sorry to hear about that bagaholic, sounds like you live in SoCal....which boutique is that snubbed you?
  14. Same thing happened to me this past weekend. I will stick with Eluxury as well!
  15. Same thing happens in some very high end restaurants, doesn't it? The server/SA somehow has become convinced she/he is somewhat "better" than the customer? Sad, really. I am not better than the server or SA, but give me a break. My first time in a Gucci boutique, years ago, the (male) SA spent more time whisking imaginary lint off his black jacket than listening to me. The fourth time he did it I walked away and grabbed another SA and asked if she could help me. She said certaily and was very friendly and professional. The first SA kept shooting dirty looks our way and I am sure launched an attack at the second SA who "stole" me from him. The next time I went in I mentioned it to the manager who informed me that the first SA had "moved on to other opportunities."

    Mutual respect (in all situations) or hit the highway =)