I hope one of you lovely ladies get this!!

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  1. oh my!!!! that is a beauty!!!!
  2. i know!! :nuts:
  3. I guess they relisted it..I think I saw it unsold for that price no one bidded on it..Pretty piece but I am not brave enough..
  4. why is that?

  5. It's huge vernis piece and I think I get too stress out carrying it for travel ;)
    I don't mind if in red,indigo, ppurple and bronze..yummmmmmmm

  6. I agree.. it's gorgeous but all those vernis... too dangerous for me
  7. yeah your right :P
  8. I would be tempted, but 45 seems too small for me.
  9. Oh I saw that one too - isn't it lovely???
  10. oh i love it.. gorgeous!!