I hope no one here won this auction....

  1. Know the feeling, I was blocked after asking a question and then like an idiot I complained about the block, seller lifted it, I bid and won the item, and guess what....it was a fake....it took me a long time and a lot of effort to recoup 3/4 of my money....
  2. Oh goodness! I guess it's a blessing in disguise... PHEW. I hate ebay... I really do! =(
  3. That's weird, her bags look authentic? :shrugs: I want to get her Chanel heels... Maybe I should ask her if they are guaranteed authentic and see if she blocks me.
  4. Yeah I think you should enquire just to be on the safe side. She was selling a fake balenciaga blue first (the link is in the authenticate this thread on the balenciaga forum) so I'll be extra careful. Good luck!
  5. I've had *very* bad experiences on EBay with bags -- I've fallen prey to two such "authentic" bags that turned out to be not so much.

    I emailed a seller with perfect feedback on over 300 items to ask about authenticity of a Gucci bag, and he answered by asking, "How will you know if it's not authentic?" I replied with, "Aside from owning several Gucci bags myself, I intend on conferring with a friend, who is a SA at Gucci." He replied with, "You're a liar. No SA at Gucci will ever give authentication w/o receipt." What can you possibly say to that sort of logic? :cursing:

    Anyway, if you're going to buy on EBay, be extra extra careful! There are deals to be had, but I feel as if the bargains come with alot of anxiety these days, with bootleggers making decent copies and sellers stealing photos to present them as their own... Good luck with your B Bag search though! I have one of my own and adore it!