I hope my mom will like this *(PICS)*

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  1. I just got this bag for my mom as a Christmas present. This is actually the first thing I ever bought for my mom with my own money. With only $7/hr campus job, it took my awhile to save enough money to get this for her. This bag means a lot to me. :heart: I hope she likes it. If not, I'll use it instead. LOL. Do you think this bag is appropriate for someone who's 63? Let me know what you guys think!


    That's me modeling with it even though I won't get to keep it. LOL.

  2. I think it's PERFECT and a gorgeous gift for you mother!!! You're such a sweet daughter!!!!!!!
  3. PERFECT present..shell love it!
  4. Very nice gift!
  5. Omg, thats PERFECT for someone who's 63!!! Good choice, Im sure she will love it. And thats wonderful that you used your hard-earned money to buy your mommy such an appreciative gift. You are a wonderful daughter.
  6. I am sure your mom will appreciate and love it. It's a bag that's good for all ages. Great choice.
  7. i'm sure your mom is going to love it, it's a beautiful bag.
  8. Congrats.
  9. the bag is lovely! where did you purchase it?
  10. Very nice bag! The shape is very classic, IMO, and I'm sure your mom will love it... (I know what you mean too, I had a lousy paying side job once while in grad school, and saving up for a Chanel bag for my mom, because she spoils me rotten, took a damn long time haha).:smile:

  11. The only thing I can thing that she might not like, and I'm speaking as a 51 year old broad, is the size. We "senior ladies" like to travel light, so to speak. Now if she loves the size, you're home free.

    Heck, you're home free just by the fact that you worked so hard and saved up for something this special for your mother. She's obviously a super mother: she turned out a great kid! :cutesy:
  12. Great bag! I am sure your mom will love it.
  13. SO sweet of you! Hope mom loves it!
  14. thats incredibly generous of you! I think its a fabulous bag, and a great shape!
  15. It is a beautiful bag and I think your mother is going to love it. It is a very generous gift! You're a very thoughtful daughter!