(i hope) my last need for this round of opinions/thoughts!!!!

  1. okay,
    so i have all the bags here and i've narrowed it down to the gryson and the andrew marc...they are both black...i think i'm being snotty because andrew marc isn't as well known as gryson? i want to be neutral while looking at them both and can't seem to be...soooo...i'm going to leave it to you to help me make up my mind...majority rules!!!! i wish i gave this much thought to my lesson plans...ROFL!!!
    thanks TPFers!!!!
  2. I just got my first Gryson today and absolutely LOVE it! I vote Gryson!
  3. I need pics to be able to vote.
  4. ya.. pics would help... but i'm partial to andrew marc. I was in bloomies and there was one lone andrew marc in the glass case... the sales lady was surprised I knew who it was... but that makes it more special to me ;)
  5. FAITH
    here's the andrew marc faith in black
    here's the gryson, but, picture it in all black leather with GRYSON silver hardware...
  6. Which Gryson are you considering? The link takes me to the homepage.
  7. the "skye" in all black with silver hardware...THANKS!
  8. I've seen both bags in real life, and I love the andrew marc. I was actually considering getting one in red.

  9. Did you catch this one on sale at NM w/ free shipping?

    [​IMG]Andrew Marc Large Hobo
    Was: $495.00
    NOW: $297.00
    As much as 40% off
  10. I think I like the andrew marc better. The leather at least looks softer than the gryson.
  11. Have you seen both bags IRL? (if you've mentioned, sorry for asking?).
    I have seen the Gryson and other Marc bags IRL and find that the leather on Marc bags are nicer. IMO, the Grysons seem to be expensive for what they are ....
    I also thought about buying the Skye, but decided not to for these reasons:
    heavier than what I would have preferred
    the zippers were stiff
    though it's nice to have the option of straps or no straps, it's a bit cumbersome to figure out what to do with the longer straps if you don't use it - it get to be fusy
    I like the look and the woven straps (didn't someone have a problem with the strap stretching?), but the pluses didn't outweigh the minuses.

    I think the bags have totally different looks - with the Marc bag being more casual and the Skye you can dress/up or down and I think it's more of a timeless look.

    Sorry, I don't think I'm being very helpful.
    Good luck
  12. The leather on my Andrew Marc is seriously... frickin amazing. It's so soft.. and feels very luxe.
  13. I vote Andrew Marc. I like the style of the bag better and it is a bit unusual.
  14. My vote is for Andrew Marc.
  15. I prefer the Andrew Mark.