Jimmy Choo I HOPE it was worth the Wait (and the Money)


Jimmy ChooAholic
Oct 24, 2006
I was going to wait until I actually had my new bag in my Hot little Paws.....

BUT I decided I must share my newest addition with all my Favorite :choochoo: Girls!

From the moment I saw this Beauty on the Choo web-Site last Summer, I've wanted her and when I got the call in November (it was never sold in the US Choo Boutiques) that it had been marked down 30%, it was still way more than I could justify spending on a bag :sad: (especially since there were only 3 left in the company)

I told my SA to keep my number and should it go to 50% in December, go ahead and charge it. Well, Mark called me on Dec 26th and he said there were none left in his store, but the system showed there were 2 left and it was 60% off :yahoo:

He was going to hunt it down and if he could find one, he would have it sent to me. 5 Minutes later, he called me back and said it was being shipped to ME :party:

So until I get real photos, this will have to sufficient for pictures

Please Welcome the Patchwork Python Ramona :yahoo:


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May 6, 2007
ROBYN!!!!! Congratulations!! I know how much you've coveted this bag, and I can truly see why....it is beautiful! :yahoo:

I do not think for one second you'll be disappointed in her, and of course no big surprise since this is YOU we're tallking about....you got such a great deal!! :tup: I'm very happy for you, can't wait to see your photos which are always so much better....but YAY! I think this bag may have even been your HG? :heart:

And Luuuucy....do YOU maybe have anything you would like to share with the rest of the class as I did catch that Robyn mentioned in her post that there were TWO bags available???? ;)