I hope it isn't ruined!!!!! Please help!!

  1. I was worried about the my stonewash blue MAM staining, the leather is so soft and smooshy! I read and researched and even posted a thread for suggestions. After the input I decided to treat with applegard. It has been an hour and you can still see spray marks!!!

    Thank goodness I only sprayed the bottom, but I sprayed the whole bottom! It's new, never really been used!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What should I do????
  2. hi! dont panic! give it some time to dry. i sprayed my brand new lv mult rita with apple garde and it took about a week for the spots to go away. just air it out and dont put it inside the dustbag. i also freaked when this happened to me...i thought...oh no my $2000 purse is ruined! but honestly, after doing this...i learned my lesson and never again spray my bags with anything. its really not worth the stress.
  3. 1. try to stay calm
    2. give it some more time to dry
    3. look again
  4. I spray bags all the time. As others have said, give it time to dry. I would spray it as soon as you buy it before using it. I've never had problems with spotting. Maybe sort of pat it dry? Sometimes I pat it with paper towels after I spray it.
  5. it can take hours, set it over something and leave it over night.
  6. Thanks! Now it's been a couple hours, still there! They aren't quite as bad, still obvious though! I won't panic! (for now!)
  7. you should lightly spray from 12-16 inches way... and do several light sprays drying in between not one heavy....
    just a heads up.
  8. ^Good advice! Before I learned how to properly spray bags, I was literally just dousing them closeup! Light sprays with drying in between is for sure the best bet!
  9. You don't need more than 1, maaaaaybe 2, coats. Better to go light than heavy each time.
  10. OP: So what happened? Did it dry up and even out? Im pretty sure its fine but Im wondering what you have to say about what happened???
  11. Finally, this morning it has dried out! Thank you all so much for helping me through that scare!
  12. Yay! Happy ending! Glad to hear that it worked out.
  13. good to hear everything is okay now. ;)
  14. Sometimes it takes awhile to dry. Broken record here, but always, always patch test first in a tiny spot that is hard to see! I preach about this because I had to find out the hard way myself when the color on one of my Botkiers ran when I sprayed it. :sad: This has never happened to me with Rebecca Minkoff bags however!

    Glad it all turned out okay!