I hope I don't sound crazy: A fashion rant.


Feb 28, 2010
I think that most designer clothes today look like overly done fussy costumes. I especially hate photoshop-print clothes. And, photoshop-print on polyester clothes? Hideous!
I went shopping today. I didn't like anything. Nothing from high-end, to mid-range, to low-end. Everything was overly done, or samey and generic. I could seriously find the almost exact items from different retailers in different price ranges. Also, there's a lack of colorfulness and vibrancy. Things are either neon or boring beige/black/navy.

I walked around downtown today, and saw so many girls wearing really beautiful clothes. One girl wore a long-sleeve lace forest green dress with a very slight hi-lo hem, and another girl wore a pair of teal colored silk pants with a slightly high waist and ties at waist. Well, these items really stuck out, but there were a ton of people who dress so superbly. Where do these people shop? Everything is so impeccably fitted! Why can I never find beautiful things like that?!?!


Mar 5, 2012
Well, I imagine that more and more people are shopping online. Online retailers usually offer a range that is less limited than in ordinary brick-and-mortar stores, even product that is not available in your country.


Bargain Hunter!
Aug 25, 2008
I think everyone has a different aesthetic; and you have to shop the designers that best suit YOUR style and look - not what fashion magazines tell you.

That said, I love prints; I was a fan of Mary Katrantzou year and years ago. Sadly, lesser-designers and brands are copying her like crazy, and they're taking away the elegance of her prints, etc. But I'm still a huge fan and support her work.

You can't judge all designers with having overly done "costumes." A lot of designers do create a lot of wonderful Ready-to-Wear looks, especially Resort/Pre-Fall, which are the collections I tend to buy most. Sure, "Couture" shows are pretty out there - and there are a TON of things which aren't applicable to modern life, but you can't write off all designers, because those well-dressed women you're seeing are probably wearing some, or if not the big names, up-and-comers, or small labels where they take craftsmanship, design, and fabric pretty seriously.


Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dec 2, 2008
My big secret: Don't judge a piece off the rack. Ask a SA on how to style it.

I have one of those Clover Canyon dresses (digital print on neoprene) and it's really all in how you style them. I love it with a white blazer and simple wedge sandals.

Mixing designers will also keep things from being costume-y.