i hope i did the right choice..........

  1. i just bought a Large/Jumbo Classic Black Caviar flap ...:rolleyes: i always wanted to buy this bag...till today.....i finally did it ! :yes:
    Actually today i want to buy the LV Cabas GM (cruise collection-strap denim) ,the Cabas GM is really pretty and very trendy bag,but then the price is not so pretty IMO (1420 euros) :wondering :hrmm: ...with that price i add extra 10 euro and bought the classic flap :sweatdrop: .....at last :P

    i hope i did the right choice.......:sweatdrop:
  2. Great choice!! Congrats on the new bag!!
  3. I think you did!
  4. I like the new LV Cabas too but the jumbo flap is a true classic. Chanel is timeless!
  5. Great bag.

  6. thank;s girls :P

    oh yes ,,,,,here are some pic's...........

  7. I definitely think you made the right choice!! The jumbo classic flap is a beauty! LOVE how they wrapped it with a white camelia!! VERY PRETTY!!!
  8. I think you made the right choice. I love the Flap! Congrats!
  9. You did good. :smile:
  10. oh the presentation was beautiful!
  11. I love it! Enjoy it.
  12. Definitely a good choice!
  13. great choice indeed!! congrats!!!!

    btw, i loveee the way they packaged it!
  14. Great choice! This is the bag I'm getting for Christmas!
  15. It's stunning - you made a great choice!!!
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