I hope Christina is OK...

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  1. [​IMG]
    Christina Aguilera is going through some pregnancy pains.
    The mom-to-be has taken ill in Australia and postponed two concerts.
    Christina was supposed to perform in Melbourne on Saturday, but that concert was moved until Sunday. Now, the Sunday concert has been postponed as well. No word yet on when the date will be made up - if at all.
    Official word is that she has a fever and has been hit by a bug that’s been working its way through her touring crew.
  2. Oh no...hope she feels better soon..she should cancel her tour now that she's expecting.
  3. i love her!!!
  4. She looks cute with her tiny tummy.
  5. love christina hope all is well!
  6. Hope she feels better soon.
  7. Hope she & baby will be ok
  8. That's too bad, hope she gets well soon...
  9. It will be what it will be...........
  10. Hope all is well with her also. She is beautiful and a great role model for todays young girls!
  11. Somehow I think I missed that she was pregnant... hope she feels better soon!
  12. Hmmmm....had no clue she was pregnent.
  13. oh no!!! i hope everything is ok!
  14. I hope she's ok.
  15. I hope she will feel better soon!