I honestly tried to buy something and got nothing!

  1. We went to LV King of Prussia tonight. I got a new phone and convinced DH to go to LV to get a case for it. Too small for the Cell Case, to large for the Mini Ipod Case, too small for the Damier iPod case...so no luck. We looked and looked, I almost got the Vanilla Epi Bowlie but I also like the Dentelle Speedy but they had gold and I wanted silver-looked and looked and nothing. I did see a really crappy looking black multi wapity (it was bent funny and looked wrinkled and the printing was funky-I even mentioned to an SA and she just shrugged and walked away). They weren't very busy, I didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling I usually get, no one said anything except one SA noticed my Azur Noe and asked me if I special ordered it...??? I told her no, I got it at the Atlantic City store. Hmmm, then she noticed my son's Geant backpack and walked away. OK, so since no one was looking to sell anything, we left. There would not have been any arm twisting for the Epi if someone would have offered to show it to me. I possibly would have even considered the Dentelle Speedy in gold but no luck. It's not the first time I've been in and not made a purchase but it is the first time that I was looking to purchase something and left empty handed. Guess I just wanted to whine about it here cause no one else will get it. Dh keeps saying, well then why didn't you ask to see it. I know this sounds stupid but I like knowing that if I am spending the money, it comes to me, gets presented, brought out with a smile...no nicities, no sale.
  2. I'm sorry that happened.
  3. Thanks! I bought one. Now I feel a little better. I thought I could use this to get my DH down the shore today to the Atlantic City LV but the storm here is nasty so I will settle with an impersonal buy this time. At least I got a bag! LOL What a whiner I am.
  4. i totally get it. the SAs at KOP are totally apathetic, and many seem like they're just bored. they just totally detract away from the purchasing experience, and it's understandable you didn't want to drop a ton of cash in such a negative environment!
  5. Glad you got the bag! Congrats and post pics when it comes.
  6. *hugs* Sorry the sa's didn't generate a warm fuzzy feel to buy at the KOP.
    Congrats on the Speedy even though it's from elux.
    ^OT how do you like your Azur Noe?
  7. Sorry you were treated this way. Maybe they thought they might be bothering you if they followed you around!?! :shrugs: I know when I was deciding on my SA I went with the one who wasn't all over me.
  8. Oh you got the speedy anyway from Elux! WHOO HOO CONGRATS and no tax! Gotta LOVE THAT!
  9. Yay congrats at least you still get a hot bag!!!
  10. congrats!
  11. That is so true! I went there 2 months ago and the SAs looked real tired and bored. Maybe they partied hard in the stockroom the night before.
  12. the SAME THING happened to me yesterday! well not quite, but i came out feeling disappointed too.

    I went to LV tampa to return a pair of miroir sneakers that i had ordered over the phone, and they ended up being too small...but when i went in, and was looking at the mono reporter gm, the SA that usually stalks me/hits on me (EW!) was really pushy and was like...do you want to buy this or not!? and i was like...I NEED TO THINK! so i ended up returning the shoes, going to Neimans and almost getting talking into a black prada nylon (which is good since i need an all-weather bag, but FASHION VICTIM, hello!), so i decided against it.

    anyway, i was just annoyed with the service at LV, and felt pressured to purchase, and left feeling very blah about the whole thing.
  13. I hate when that happens, so sorry! I know how dissappointing it is!
  14. i'm glad you got something to make you cheer up for the day! Congrats!