I honestly don't think Let-Trade sells "authentic" only

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  1. I saw your posts of websites selling 2nd hand bags and decided to check it, I was interested in the epi black speedy they are selling, for $565 plus shipping and when I saw picture 11 (close up of zipper) I was almost certain that is a fake. I had an authentic red and it wasn't like that, real ones are only one piece of leather, this one has like a "patch" between the main body of the bag and where the zipper ends (I hope i'm expressing myself more or less clearly). Maybe somebody here that owns a epi speedy can post zipper pictures.
  2. that one's authentic. people have complained about how the opening for the epi speedy starts and stops about a quarter inch from each end, making the opening smaller.
  3. :wtf:
  4. Well, I've seen tons of Epi Speedys in member's pics and some members do have Speedys like that, and as well at the moment there are a couple of Epi Speedys on eBay and they have the same "patch" that you are talking about...I'm sure over the years LV makes slight changes to their styles.

    And plus so many members have had positive experiences with them, all bags from him (from what I've heard on here at least) have been authentic...so if you're certain is a fake maybe you should just stay away from it but I have faith and trust in his bags that they are 100% authentic and you can't find deals like that anywhere else!!
  5. :yes: ITA

    But great eye gordita!
  6. I agree with Karman. I bought from them and I am happy. I still trust him!
  7. I knew this could "backfire", however i found a picture of an authentic one, please check the difference. Maybe, as you say they could have done changes, which I honestly doubt it, plus if you check at www.louisvuitton.com, the epi speedys dont have that patch. Who knows. By the way I just sent an enquiry about a monogram bucket that I'm interested in but with the epi speedy I have my doubts.
  8. Wow ....... :confused1:
  9. ITA with Karmen.
  10. Don't scare me...I just bought a yellow epi Alma from Let-trade.
  11. The LV site also doesn't show that the Mono Cabas Mezzo comes in 2 styles, having either a zipped inner pocket or a patch pocket with no zipper. And that the MC Alma also has two styles, one with the stitching at the end of the vachetta on the front pocket and one without.
    It all depends on where it was made and who made it. They do follow different specifications sometimes, and the bag in question is absolutely authentic.
  12. agreed.

    let-trade is an AWESOME seller of authentic goods
  13. Let-trade and the bag is legit.
  14. Personally I think you're trying to start an arguement just by the way your title and thread were worded.

    If you had concerns couldn't you have brought them up to the authenticating part of the forum?

    If you're not trying to start conflict, don't you think it's best to ask some of the great authenticators here in the forum before you dirty someone's good business name without knowing all the facts?
  15. I've bought from them and my items are real...
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