I hoarded....again..yikesssss

  1. here you go ladies...


    caramel 06 city, ink 06 twiggy, turquoise 2004 classique, pistachio 2004 classique:love:
  2. Beautiful bags...is that a caramel? or a cognac? It looks like my cognac.
  3. I loooove the caramel - I want, I want!!!
    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.... photograph all of them together. Your collection is fabulous.
  5. Beautiful b-bags!!!!
  6. and seriously? i need your connections ;)
  7. WOW .... what an excellent collection :yes: !! GORGEOUS sweetie .... you still have the best of the best bbag-collection at all :yahoo::yahoo: ! Enjoy it honey . . .:flowers::love:
  8. I am so so jealous!!! That is exactly to the T how I would want my collection to look. Fabulous!
  9. thanks ladies:graucho: i think it's cognac...
  10. Have you seen the rest of her bags?! :upsidedown:
  11. awww winona...i only have a few as compared to the other ladies:rolleyes:
  12. :yes: ^^ not numbers, colors!
  13. AmourN20--step away from the B-bags!
    Wow, I am happy for you!!!
  14. Beautiful, AmourN20!
  15. i loove your collection :love: is the cognac reddish or just dark brown love it :love: :love: :shame:
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