I hit the BIN button!

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  1. So excited - I've been admiring the pink colourblock kristin ever since I saw it on the Coach website. I hoped to magically find it at the outlet someday - as it seemed pretty pricey to me (and I had just gotten a LV speedy in Jan.).

    Well - I was searching ebay - and I found it for a reasonable price - so I convinced hubby to get it for me for Valentine's day :yahoo:

    I tried copying over pictures from the listing, but I couldn't figure it out. so here's the link:


    Here's a pic I saved from the Coach website (I don't see it up there anymore)

  2. OMG, I LOVED THAT BAG TOO!!!! I never saw one IRL, but I bet it's STUNNING. And GREAT colors for VD. ENJOY!!
  3. isnt valentines day great :smile:? congrats!
  4. Congrats! The color is beautiful! I'd like to see it IRL
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. That purse is so much prettier IRL! So perfect for spring-Enjoy!
  7. Ooh I love it! I want something from the kristin line, too. Happy Valentine's Day!
  8. I had never seen the Kristin colorblock before but I spotted it in the clearance section at the outlet earlier this month. It was 50% off the MSRP plus another 20% off with the coupon and it was so gorgeous that I was really tempted. It is the prettiest color combination and shade of pink that I have ever seen on a bag! It just looked expensive, classy, beautiful, and unusual. I actually carried it around with me in the store for a long time, but I couldn't think of anything that I could wear it with or any occassion to wear it. I reluctantly put it back on the shelf but I still have lingering regrets. I am so glad that you got it - what a lovely gift! I am sure that you will treasure it for years!
  9. Congrats! But this title really made me LOL!! That BIN button makes it sooo easy!
  10. Congrats...very pretty.
  11. very very pretty.. congrats.. ENJOY!
  12. Sweet bag!! I think it holds alot!!
  13. She is georgous!! :smile: Congrats on your find!! :smile:
  14. Gorgeous
  15. congrats!!!