I hit my own car!!

  1. My funny/sad story for the evening ....

    Some friends and I decided to go out for dinner/drinks tonight. We decide that I am going to be the responsible designated driver. We all pile into my friend's Explorer (there are 5 of us). I am parked across the street from their house (I have a little Accord Coupe).

    When we are backing out, I forget my car is there because it's dark and there is no street light. Also, the street is kind of narrow and I guess I am not used to the Explorer's big back. So, we are backing up, and my friends realize I forgot my car was there because they all scream "YOUR CAR!" as I hit it!

    We get out and look. My friend's car has a broken tail light (from hitting my side mirror) and that is it. A $25 fix. My whole driver's side door is crashed in. It'll have to be replaced.

    My insurance company is going to loooooove me when I call them tomorrow. :roflmfao: So much for being responsible!

    Now I have to figure out which bag I can eBay to pay for it .... :hysteric:
  2. Oh man, that sucks!:s
    Hope you were able to have a good time out though.
  3. Oh no! Gosh, why do things like that happen when you're trying to do the right thing?
  4. Oh bummer. Sorry to hear about that. :sad:
  5. ahh.. that suck!! hope it's gonna work out money wise. if i did that i so would hit myself.. lol
  6. OMG so sorry!! Hopefully everything goes well and you don´t have to pay a lot to fix the door.
  7. Oof I hope it doesn't hurt too bad! Thanks for sharing though, that's a pretty funny story.
  8. Are you sure you weren't drinking before you left? :p
  9. Awww sorry about that happening! I've done things like that too!
  10. I hope you end up not having to sell any bags to get it fixed :smile:
  11. Sorry to hear that!!! When all is said and done though, that's a pretty funny story
  12. That really stinks, hope everything works out.
  13. eek.That stinks! So sorry....Ive parked too close to the side in my own garage and scratched the side of the car but thats about it!LOL!
  14. HAHA, I know, it was the running joke for the evening!! I kept dropping things at the restaurant too ... I dropped my silverware and our bread on the floor. Obviously last night was pretty clumsy. :push:
  15. I am sorry this happen to you.