I hit handbag GOLD!

  1. I think this may be the best deal I've ever gotten! I know there are many posts on here about great deals everyone's found, but this is a first for me and I'm super excited. I was in marshall's yesterday looking for baby clothes (apparently I'm 'nesting') and took a stroll through the handbag section. There were a lot of red tag items, like $160 Dooney and Bourke bucket bags in the 'IT' prints for $79, but out of the corner of my eye I spied a brand I've never seen in my town before... a Diane Von Furstenberg lizard trim laptop bag for $15!! :nuts:

    It still had all the original tags on it with a $200 MSRP. I've hidden it away like a squirrel until I decide what to do with it. I mean, sure, I could use it as a laptop bag but I don't work anymore in preparation for baby. Heck, for $15 I'll take my laptop out shopping now that I have a nice laptop bag! I thought about saving it for a gift, but I can't think of anyone who'll appreciate it as much as I do. I've attached a picture of the same bag but with red trim so everyone can see. The one I have is black with black trim.
  2. What a fabulous deal! Congrats!
  3. Wow! That's a great deal! I'm glad you got the black/black trim.
  4. great deal!
  5. Fantastic deal! That's a great looking laptop bag. I need to hit Marshall's more often.
  6. What an incredible price on a great looking bag! Good find!
  7. Wow!!! Great deal!!! Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats!! What a find :smile:
  9. great deal!
  10. Way to go!:drinkup:
  11. OMG unbelievable deal, congrats, lovely bag!
  12. Thanks! I'm loving this bag more and more since I got a good deal on it.
  13. Nice one! Congratulations!:smile:
  14. Congrats!!! What a great deal!
  15. very cute! i may have to stop by my marshalls!