I hit BIN

  1. I have always wanted the trapeze pm, but was patiently waiting for it in grey. I love the look and shape of the bag. I saw a listing for it on Ebay and I had to have it. To make things even better, it was a listing from Baggaholic!! :yahoo: She has been so sweet and very accomodating. I love it when a PF member is the seller. To top it all off I received FREE SHIPPING and 5% OFF, how great is that. Ill take pictures when I get it, but heres the picture she provided. I cant wait!!! :nuts:
  2. Wow! It is beautiful! Congratulations, I know you are so excited to get it!
  3. How great for you! It's lovely! Please model it for us when you
    receive it.
  4. WHOOHOO! :yahoo: Congrats!
  5. [​IMG]Whoooooo Hooooo!!! [​IMG] Congratulations!!! That is such a beauty.
  6. Congrats.
  7. :yes: ... beautiful!:girlsigh:
  8. Thanks everyone. Im so excited I cant log off TPF. :P
  9. OOohh, congratulations! I like the white.
  10. congrats!
  11. Congratulations, it really is a GORGEOUS bag, and in such mint condition too! :yahoo:
  12. Congrat's, Great purchase.
  13. Congrats...what a pretty bag!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats!! It looks great!
  15. WOW........congrats