I hit BIN for the LAST time...

  1. This is LONG!

    Yes...I know last week I made this thread about really, I'm on a real LV ban...

    But, yesterday, I was reading the "Authenticate This!" thread and I was clicking around some of the links and one of the sellers in question had a Vailla Epi Jasmin...the Jasmin has been on my wish list since I've started it, but I thought that I'd never be able to afford one because it's like $1000 from the stores. I was looking for a black one (for winter), and missed some great deals on eBay, and on PoupetteLuxe, someone had one for $590, but it was not in very good condition (someone tried to ERASE something off the epi leather!!)

    Anyway, as soon as I saw it on eBay, I really wanted to get it. I know, though, I had very little money left and I should start saving up for my trip to Hong Kong. But I really, really wanted it. There hasn't been a Vanilla one on eBay since I started looking for epi Jasmins. The BIN price was $570 which John said was very good (and I thought so too) and including shipping and everything I calculated it to come to about $720 CAD, which will make it my most expensive eBay/LV purchase EVER.

    I was planning on spending $275 CAD on one of those transparent inclusion bracelets, but knew that buying this bag meant no more inclusion and in general no more LV. (I figured, too, that I'd get more use out of a bag than a bangle)

    My poor boyfriend just got home from work, wanted to talk to me on the phone about his day but instead I spent most of the time talking about why I wanted this bag and he even looked on eBay and talked to me about the pros and cons about getting it. I felt sad thinking what if I don't buy it now and someone else buys it??? My chance would be over. This bag is such a beautiful colour (my favourite) and it's perfect for winter and I can also use it in the summer...and best of all, no worrying about the rain or snow!!!

    In the end, I bought it. I just couldn't resist it. I figured, $700, I have a little bit of that saved up right now, I'll have three paycheques between now and when my credit card statement is due, I have two scholarship cheques coming up, and best of all, my boyfriend is willing to help pay for it as my Christmas gift (since we spend very little on each other on gifts compared to other people). It really is a beautiful bag...I just hope that I made the right choice. The only thing is the money being spent...it'll take some time for me to recover, but I know that if someone else bought it I'd be fine, but feel a little sad. And besides, I AM saving money by buying a used bag for cheaper, right? :graucho:

    I made a promise to my boyfriend before getting off the phone...no more LV and no more bags in general until 2007, not even if I'm buying it with gift cards or gift money. Also, no lying to him about breaking the promise (if I even will...I think making him a promise will give me more willpower. Why do I lack willpower so badly?? :hysteric: )

    Anyways, here she is...

    eBay: 100% AUTH LV EPI JASMIN VANILLA - EXCELLENT CODITION (item 160033864323 end time Sep-25-06 00:15:45 PDT)

  2. but its gorgeous! good find!
  3. oh it's gorgeous! I love the vanilla on the Jasmin. You'll be very happy with it.
  4. ooh!! Congratulations!! The bag is beautiful!! It's a great price, and believe me, I know how that depression feels. I get that alllll the time. I'm on a bag bag myself, but right now, I'm obsessing over an Hermes pocket scarf that I feel that I NEED to have.. *sigh* Good Luck on your ban!! :flowers:
  5. That is really pretty!!! Congrats, you made a good choice. Plus if you didn't buy it you'd be regretting it forever and you can always sell it if you don't want it after a few years and make most of your money back!! :smile:
  6. OMG, sweety that's so gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!:love: :love:
  7. Wow, very classy! Now start saving for your trip - I've been to HK and you will love it!
  8. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!!
  9. Congrats on the bag karman! The vanilla is yummy!!! :love: There's nothing like getting something that you've been dreaming about forever... and I agree you made the right choice over the inclusion bracelet since the bracelet was probably a newer (possibly tPF induced) love? :P The epi is classic and will never go out of style!! You know you really wanted it because you didn't post anything on here going 'should I.. shouldn't I...' so I say a purchase without a hint of doubt is the absolute best purchase of all. :yes:

    Congrats again!
  10. Oh, that's the color that REALLY attracted me to the Jasmin, though I never did get one, I often think about it.....
  11. :love: It's absolutely gorgeous, congrats Karman!
  12. You did the right thing, that baby needed a good loving home.
    * congratulations* It is stunning!!!
  13. Oh, KARMAN...Your Vanilla Jasmin is STUNNING!! You certainly made the RIGHT CHOICE! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Oh it is gorgeous. I probably wouldn't able to resist it either.
  15. :flowers: Cheerful Karmen!
    You did the best thing, I confirm :yes:
    If I were you, I would definitely buy the beautiful VANILLA JASMIN :shame:
    Anyway, Congrats for your new gorgeous baby :yahoo:
    Enjoy your time with her ;)