I hit a Mousse on my way to NM

  1. So I was going to NM to turn in my chamois Edith. I was going to check out the grey and see if that one would work better for me, when behold, this thing smacked into me and told me that it had my name on its torso.

    I would like to introduce the latest additions to my family.

    So now the question is... the grey or the whiskey?
    Pocket2.JPG Small Pocket.JPG Edith1.JPG Edith2.JPG
  2. *hopping up and down"

    FINALLY a mousse pocket! Do you need a mousse AND a grey? I say whiskey and mousse...or grey and blanc. Hmmm...who do we know who has a blanc...LOL!

    Can you take some pics of them on?
  3. I will. I'm in my dog walking oufit right now, so I pretty much look like a slob. :shame:
  4. Your thread title made me laugh - very cute.

    So hard to choose......... But if it's between the Grey and Whiskey Edith only, I'd go with the Whiskey and then keep the Mousse. A little more contrast between the two.
  5. I would keep the mousse pocket and whiskey edith. I saw the mousse "live" for the 1st time today and fell in love - you MUST keep the mousse - it's a gorgeous color.
  6. You guys are sooo killing me...I love ALL these bags...please dont make her choose...sniff!..I say keep them all.....(and hope there is a money tree in the backyard!!! LOL!)
  7. ^^ Well mousse is *sort of* like the color of money...does that count? Definitely keep the mousse pocket so we can (maybe) trade off someday! (Vested interest!) The color is SO beautiful!!! And the silver hardware is great!
  8. All three are great. Can't you keep all three?:biggrin:
  9. I love the title of the thread! It's so funny? I kind of like the grey edith better than whiskey. I don't know...maybe it's late too. But the whiskey looks briefcase to me..
  10. I love the title too! VEry cute. :biggrin:
  11. Mousse pocket is so great - looks fantastic with the silver hw. Keep it!
  12. Congrats on the Mousse pocket! Keep it!!! As well as the whiskey Edith. Not that much of a fan of the grey Edith tho..
  13. Beautiflul, but I agree with ET. Do you need two grey bags?
  14. LOL!

    I'd vote for Mousse and Whiskey too. For me personally, Whiskey would be so much more versitile.
  15. I guess I'm the odd man out .... I like the grey Edith. I'd probably get the Paddy in another color.