I hit a dog with my car!!!!

  1. I feel TERRIBLE!! I was on my way to work tonight, cruising along Route 460, going the speed limit which is 60mph. All of a sudden there's this dog just standing there in the middle of the road!!! I slammed on my brakes of course so I have no idea how fast I was actually going when I hit him. The thing is he had time to get out of the way but he just stood there!! I know I struck him with the left front fender--I saw him roll to the left, then get to his feet and run off. In the few seconds that I had him in my sight I didn't see any blood or obvious injury and he didn't appear to be limping. I didn't know what to do!!! I called my DH and told him about it and he said there is nothing I can do. But I feel awful and sooo guilty!! And angry, too, at the irresponsible hunters around where I live who just let their hunting dogs run loose all year round.

    Please pray for this poor dog and please PLEASE don't let your precious babies run loose!!
  2. oh no.....

    I hope the dog is okay....
  3. Oh, you poor thing...try not to be too hard on yourself. It will get better.
  4. Oh, you poor darling.

    I hit a dog once with my pickup truck and tore it all to pieces. I know it died instantly (:cry: you'd just have to have seen what was left...) but it still haunts me. Don't beat yourself up over him--He got up and ran off! He'll probably be okay and his owners will fix him up. :heart:
  5. i really really hope this dog is ok!!!!!
    i have such a phobia of running over animals.
    i dont drive but everytime im in a car and theres a dog, cat, etc...i get sooo nervous..
    the other day my brother almost ran over some ducks....yes ducks!!! theres a lake around my house and the ducks wander freely around.
    there were around 10 ducks in the street just walking...luckily they crossed the street & went back to the water..:sweatdrop:
  6. Oh, that's so awful! I hate being in that situation. I know it's very sad to hit a dog, but it's better that you're ok and not hurt. I've heard of people getting into awful accidents while trying to avoid an animal. I hope the doggie is ok!
  7. I hope the dogs fine.. Just the other day my Husky ran out the house. He got knocked down by a car.. The Sh*thead didnt come out n check.. I was FURIOUS.. But luckily my husky is fine.. IM praying that "urs" is too..
  8. I hope the dog is ok! and please don't be too hard on yourself. I know it sucks to run over an animal by accident, but sometimes you can't help it. It sounds like you did everything you could to not hit the dog. If he got up and walked away, hopefully he went home and will get fixed up.
  9. I worry constantly about hitting animals when I drive. We live out in the country and the deer population has exploded in recent years. I can't count the number of deer that I've seen on the side of the road. Breaks my heart. When I lived in the mountains, married to the first Mr. PP, he hit a deer on the way to work one morning. From what he said it ran off, but he was devastated for weeks.

    I'm one of those loonies that will slam on my brakes to avoid hitting a squirrel. I'll even do my best not to run over a snake in the road. I'm not sure I'd be so charitable if it were in my DRIVEWAY though! :push:

    Don't feel bad though. As the others said, you tried your best to stop. Sometimes these things just happen.
  10. It happened to me too. I was on the freeway and here comes this super cute dachshund out of nowhere. I slammed on the brakes ( I had cars behind me) and I swerved to the left. He ran and I got him with the corner of my fender. I almost missed him....:cry: I couldn't stop because the cars behind me would've hit me, hard. I saw him fly through the air.

    I pulled over and called my hubby, hysterical. He told me to come home that there was nothing I could do. When I got home he had to go get me from my car. I just sat there, crying. When I finally got in the house my pups came to greet me and I just lost it. Here I ad my 2 angels and if that dog belonged to a kid :crybaby:...I still carry that guilt.
  11. I hope the dog is okay...and at least hope it found its way back to its owner. When the dog runs off there is really nothing you can do, you tried to stop.. so don't be hard on yourself. And you are absolutely right, it is the irresponsible owner's fault for letting the dog run around like that.:heart:

  12. oh god thats horrible...i love dashunds too...and theyre so small!!!!!
  13. but what was he doing in the freeway???

  14. There is a plan for all living things. You can't help someone else negligence, only try to do your best. If in the end, it isn't good enough, at least you know that you did your best and that it was meant to be. You obviously cared so much.

    Hug your babies, and know that they love you for all your care and attention so that it never happens to them. HUGZ :heart:
  15. *HUGS* I felt awful for a week after running over a bird...so I totally understand where you are coming from!!!!!!