I held a Spy for the very first time today!!

  1. The Nordstroms in our Seattle 'burbs is undergoing a major, major expansion of their handbag department...OMG these guys are trying to kill me!! :graucho: [I think it's partly due to the fact we're getting a NM in 2009...finally!]

    I held a Spy today (one of the zucca types, not sure the exact name) and...the angels sang...:heart::heart::heart::drool:.

    Holy sh!t....how I really see why everyone's so nuts about these bags!!! For some reason you never ever see them IRL around here...I can change that...one Spy at a time, lol :wlae:.

    Can't get her yet...I'm on a very necessary ban until I find a new job :sweatdrop:.
  2. I don't think you should get one; itt can be addicted to your wallet :graucho:

    Chocolate, patent black, blueberry, and grey.
  3. *drools*^^ Yeah, stay away from the spys, they'll steal your heart and take your money. :sweatdrop:
    See? Look at the conspiring against you this minute below:sad:my signature)

    This is sooooooooooooo true!!!!
  5. Lol you're not helping BTBF by showing her the colours... But I would go with Blueberry!!!
  6. woo hooo!! As soon as I find a job this could very well be my reward to myself. I love my b. fendi and Magic but hmmmmmm....

    Thank you for corrupting me!! Love the pics!!!

    Any other northwest gals not see too many of these IRL? I just don't get it. I saw one when I was at the movies in downtown Bellevue and a fellow tpf'er I meet up with occasionally saw one when she was in Cartier, but that's about it!! Weird.
  7. for me i just need one in cognac color and i'll be happy:party:
  8. I see a lot more fakes here in Chicago than real ones. I think I have only seen a few real ones around, and one was on my friend sugarywitch.

    The spy is just amazing... I was indifferent at first, but at this point it's one of the few bags that makes my heart flutter. Difficult to resist, which I suppose is how I ended up with like 8 of them.
  9. Yes! Very Addicting. You cant have just one. I never see them here real or fake (Utah). I saw my first at Saks online and just had to buy it. Let us know when you decide which one you will be searching for.
  10. You are so right, the spy is a gorgeous bag, but first I didn't think it was for me (to much going on too "feminine", I dress rather casual etc...) But it's been a couple of weeks now that I have really started wanting one:drool:, this sub certainly did help;)!
    After nearly getting a blueberry I now I still need to find "the one".

    Hope you can indulge soon as well, good luck with the jobhunt!
  11. LOVE THE SPY! its such a cool bag! just got my first today, and it is addicting! i think i want an ivory one! lol YEH for spys!
  12. I am recent convert and I must say I used to think the spy was kinnda ..ehh...fug..(ok no stoning...) seeing it on display is nothing like actually trying it on. After I got my zucca I am definitely hooked. And is it just me or do you have this different attitude or aura when you are wearing it??? divalicious?

    BTBF that grey spy is looking very gooodddd....been eyeing that at joma and the silver too (see what i said about addicting?)
  13. Actually I admit it too, I liked spys on celebrities but when I saw it the first time in a store I was like huhh?? It was bigger than I thought (well no kidding, celebrities are usually tall and I'm almost 5'4) and I was used to softer linings inside, the fabric seemed hard and weird. So I decided to forget about them since they weren't for me. Thing is I couldn't, so months later I decided to check them out again. This time I took all the stuffing out. So I realized that it looks different fully stuffed, completely empty, and half full. I Realized that I liked them half full, and like the look of the zucca/nappa compared to the colors they had there (they didn't have a good selection). Anyway, it was months later that I actually got it for real, I didn't truly fall in love with them until I took one home and got to play around with it. Hooked for life! :heart::love:

    That's my little love story.
  14. Keep in mind, Pursegrrl, one's Spy is never enough:graucho:. Proceed with caution.​

    Oh, to hell with it... PROCEED WITH WILD ABANDON!!!:yahoo:

    10aaaa 014.jpg
  15. :wtf::wtf: At times like this I say....:tpfrox:

    ...what color is that below the green?