I Heart . . .

  1. There’s a show on called I (heart) . . . and it shows people with their extensive collections.

    One episode showed a woman that really loved bunnies. Su much so that she and her husband opened up a museum of bunny merchandise. They even got a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The one I just watched showed people and their love of the Dukes of Hazzard (the old tv show, not the movie). All three guys had replicas of the General Lee. The show also featured a convention at a racetrack, where people can show off their memorabilia and drive around the track in their General Lees.

    Which brings me to a game. If you were to be on that show, what type of collection would you like to show off? If you had one, I mean. Pretend that you do. (Purses and shoes don’t count!)

    I’d like to show off my collection of things related to Greek mythology.
  2. Hm...I have quite an extensive Tiffany's collection!!

    Also, I looove horses and have quite a few Breyer horse models
  3. Probably all my anime stuff.:yes:

    I've been to the bunny museum, it's really fun!
  4. my headband collection LOL

    awwww the bunny musuem sounds adorable..