I HEART the Courrier!

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  1. I'm on a Balenciaga / Courrier craze. I went to Barney's and got the reg. sized Courrier in Greige.... I LOVE IT.

    Here's a pix with flash and without.
    IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0471.jpg IMG_0472.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I love the courier too. I think it's such a great practical bag. And all that yummy leather!!!
  3. Love the colour but im sure abt the style. Too big for me i think.. Modelling pics soon..
  4. I love this colour! And I think I'd like the courier style, I'm a big fan of carrying bags cross body and I'm tall. I'd love to see modeling pictures too.
  5. Looks fab, congrats
  6. congrats! love it!
  7. Looks so smooshy and soft!! Congrats!!
  8. I'm so happy someone got that cute greige courier! I've been looking at that beauty at Barney's wondering how on earth they still had a Greige left, and such a beautiful one, too! Congrats!
  9. :yahoo:Congrats!!!:yahoo: It's beautiful!!! I LOVE the courier very much too!!!:love::love::love: Great big bag with lots of yummy leather to love!!!!:heart:
  10. Congrats it looks absolutely gorgeous!
  11. Congrats! Your Griege Courier is so smooshy gorgeous! :tup:
    Your pics makes me want a Courier!
  12. so cool :jammin: congrats, lovefanny! any modelling pics for us?

    this style will suit you loads, drati! you could consider the men's bbags too since you have the vertical advantage :smile:
  13. wow!
    Such a difference with/ without flash!

    I love that style, too. Crossbody + Top Zip (w.o flap) = Perfect!
  14. greige is an AMAZING color, congrats!!
  15. Congrats - looks very smooshy!