I heart Swarvorski!

  1. My new watch yall:

  2. u can't see due to the flash (even though I turned it down) that it has mother of pearl face and polished gold finish.
  3. also crystals on the dial around the numbers. ok......i'm through bragging......:smile:
  4. Ok I spelled this wrong but this is the way it was spelled in the ad:confused1: ......
  5. That's beautiful!!

    I love Swarovksi, too. Me and my mom are both fans. She got a few crystal figurines as gifts and bought me a heart necklace which I love.
  6. Gorgeous watch!!!!!
  7. Thanks Azia and LauraLee! I think crystal figurines are BEAUTIFUL! My aunts collect them. I once saw a crystal elephant! It was sooooo pretty.
  8. it's so cute with all the crystals
  9. Thanks Alvie!
  10. It's beautiful :smile: Congrats!
  11. Thanx Cat :smile:.
  12. congrats