I heart my Brentwood

  1. Today! and everyday!!!
    Best V _ Brentwood.jpg
  2. LOVE the color. Sooo pretty.
  3. Congrats! Love it!
  4. Wow, congratulations!
  5. so pretty..looks great on you...
  6. it is by far my favorite bag from the Vernis line! I think it would look AMAZING in indigo... :smile:
  7. Great bag! So glad you love it so much!:love: That's a great feeling.....:yes:
  8. oohhhh, Indigo, don't even go there Matt, I'm in the ban thread... thank you all!!! (It's my professional office face)....
  9. the color is so pretty! and it looks like a nice size bag too. congrats!
  10. it's beautiful. I love that color on you. Congrats!
  11. :heart: the color! looks Great~ Nice size...pretty big:yes:
  12. Hi Ghost, I see you're next to me in the ban thread. This is enjoying what I already have, and REALLY enjoying it... Good luck with our bans!!!!
  13. Looks great :smile:
  14. Ahh I love love love that bag! Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  15. ITA!!!:yes:

    veronika--you look awesome with your bag!:heart: