I *heart* my bf

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  1. So today, right before class, I got a text from bf saying, and I quote, "I am about to buy you a new phone...please let me know if that is ok?"

    Lmao. No, just terrible. :lol:

    We are both getting the new Motorola SLVR L7 from Cingular and going in on a shared phone plan. (Which will cut both our phone bills in half)

    It's the surprise little things that do me in.

    What has your S.O. surprised you with lately (not including the obvious V Day)?
  2. Awww how sweet! dh hasn't suprised me with anything latley!
  3. Awesome :nuts: What a great bf!

    Mine took me shopping for our anniversary :love: But I knew that was coming, so I guess it wasn't a surprise :lol:
  4. Might not have been a surprise, but still very sweet nonetheless....especially if he is the type that hates shopping and pales at the formation of the word "mall".
  5. :lol: You just described him to a "T". He runs in the opposite direction when I say I'm going to the mall. I remember saying once that I had to try some pants on, and he looked at me like I had three heads :lol:
  6. I have the phone it is soo cute I love it! Enjoy. My bf and I both have cingular so do our parents and we all talk a lot so we save a lot of money since mobile to mobile minutes are free.
  7. things have been stressful here lately since my bf is looking for a job, but we think he's about to get several offers, so i'm expecting a sweet surprise in the near future :-P. not necessarily a gift, but just a surprise of some sort. he's usually quite good about stuff like that but it has gone to the back burner lately with the job search.
  8. no surprises, just wonderfulness in general (which isn't a surprise). maybe on our anniversary next month...?
  9. Haha my BF knows I'm am the PICKIEST on pants...20 pairs and still no match for me. But luckily my BF loves to shop(he will find odd ball things in those stands in the middle of the mall inscents, sunglasses, hats, etc)

    But when I'm on a mission for pants, I'm on a mission!:nuts: