I *heart* Matelasse & my first tPF pic!!

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm sooo excited because lame-o me just figured out how to post piccies!!:yahoo:

    I wanted my first tPF pic to be of my fav BBag - matelasse! Seems matelasse owners are in the BBag minority, but I am ready to sell you all on it because it is an awesome bag!!

    Kind of shy to exposing myself to you all, but am willing to take the plunge for the sake of the matelasse. :heart: There was request to see it modeled from another thread, so I hope this helps! This is the medium size (aka "small"). It fits over the shoulder. It's boxy, but flattens. FYI, I'm 5'4, 114lbs..

    Ok, ladies, please show me your Matelasse!!
    matelasse.jpg matelasse2.jpg
  2. gorgeous, i'm one of the few who hearts this as well!!! Am looking forward to mine arriving.
  3. Thanks! I knew I wasn't alone! :woohoo: Please post your pic when it arrives, I'd love to see it!!

    Look who else likes it! (this piccie thing is awesome!!)
  4. I love this style and it looks fantastic on you! Thanks for posting.
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!:love:It suits you very well! Congrats!:flowers:
  6. No need to be shy! You and your bbag look great!

    I love the matellase, too. I just can never decide what color I would want it in. Plus, when I do decide, it will have to be found at a discount since I can't bring myself to pay $1800 for it (or any other bag for that matter)
  7. It looks great on you. Congrats.:yahoo: I wanted this bag while ago but i don't know why i changed my mind. :shrugs:
  8. I love your bag! I would have one too if only they came with a shoulder strap. It's gorgeous--enjoy!
  9. Your pics are great! I also :heart: this style - mine is black, too!
  10. Congrats!! The bag looks gorgeous on you (and you have such long slender legs! I am jealous!)
  11. Thank you Cracker, Marie G and Valerieb!

    Thanks Circoit - I know it was a pretty penny, so that's why I got in classic black...hey, it's an investment! ;) lol

    Thank you Nanaz - it's not too late, they're gorgeous in the new colors!

    Thank you Gwen10! Please post a pic! :yes:
  12. Thanks, u're so sweet. :blush: But trust me, it's not my legs (they're quite average!!), it's the heels and terrific fitting jeans!!
  13. [​IMG]

    myindulgence : Thanks for posting~ It's a lovely bag u have....it suits u so well....enjoy:yes: :yes:
  14. it looks beautiful on you!! what a great pick! and your outfit too, black really looks good on white!! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  15. gorgeous bag!! it looks very nice on you.