I Heart Isabella Fiore!

  1. My first ever designer bag as an Isabella Fiore Spellbound Satchel in Gold..and I love it! I've had it for 5 months and still has the brand new leather smell to it! I put it on a shell beside my desk and I swear I could smell it while I work late at night..:tup:

    Now I'm planning to add another Fiore bag to my collection..but I'm really after an old design. Does anyone know if there are any second hand shops that sell Fiore bags? TIA!:heart:
  2. I think your best bet would be eBay. what style are you looking for? A lot of us here know the brand pretty well, and could help you authenticate.

    I love my IF's too. :heart:
  3. i just saw an brand new IF on a consignment shop website. i don't think it's within the rules to mention the name though :sad: The bag is i believe a black chain reaction. very pretty.
  4. I love Isabella Fiore too! Neiman Marcus is a good source. Right now they have the Syd shoulder bag at $243 in sienna. I've bought other IF bags there at great prices.
  5. try jcmadison.com

    I know there are always a few on sale, OMG only one. A diamond delight nicole bag in black.

    I would just keep checking the sale link. Also go to NM and in the search sale type in fiore there is about 15 handbags at fairly good prices.

    Oh yes, also check Zappos.com, you can put in your email address so that you can get the updates when fiore goes on sale.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone! The style I'm currently inlove is the Oh Suzani Carina hobo...I saw this years before at Saks 5th and fell inlove..couldn't forget her since..:love:
  7. I see IF bags at my Nordstrom Rack all the time. You should check there too.
  8. I'm looking for an IF spellbound jeni hobo in the caramel color...anyone know where to find one? I saw one on ebay but the color was throwing me off...
  9. Ah. I've been looking for this bag for months! I finally found it for half off at some site. I regret not buying it that instant because when I returned to the site the next day it was already gone! So the search continues. :sad:
  10. I seem them at Nordstrom Rack a lot. I got one last fall when I was in Dallas at the Saks outlet too.
  11. Hi everyone,

    I'm new here. I've been in love with IF for years but sadly, as a poor grad student, have never been able to afford any :sad:
    I just got a "bonus" so I'm going to finally buy my first one, though I'm still deciding which.
    I saw 2 bags at TJ Maxx last night. A Harriet Smitten with Knittin' in Copper for $300 and another which I'm not sure what it was but I proceeded to hug it and carry it around the store with me for 30 minutes. It was entirely made of brown leather chains like the Flower Child line. Anyone know which bag this is? It was GORGEOUS, weighed a ton, and was $300 (regular $600). I haven't been able to stop thinking about it :love: and may have to go back for it.
  12. believe it or not hsn was selling some lovely fiore bags and with sales the prices were great ...