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  1. Apparently SAs no longer have employee discounts :nogood: (Welp my dreams of working CHANEL and getting a little discounts died a little...jk) :giggles:

    (From Mia @ Saks in Chevy Chase, MD)
  2. AWW that's too bad!!
  3. What was the discount? I didn't even know they got one!
  4. Awwh, well that doesn't seem very fair. Some of the SA's really go out of their way to help customers--even emailing/texting frequent photos of bags to people from their own personal cell phones on days off, once I even had a pair of Chanel earrings held for me by an SA for about a whole week....I thought having the discount was a nice incentive for the kinder SA's out there.
  5. Yea I think it was about a 30-40% employee discount...not too sure but they should get a discount for their hard work and how many sales they do.
  6. That is unfortunate. They should definitely get a perk for dealing with the public day in and day out. We have all see our fair share of customers treating SA poorly.
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  7. Has there been abuse of the discount? Too much reselling?
  8. I have been told they get a 30% discount except on classic bags. This is true of the dept store Chanel employees I know.
  9. Also have been told that the employees get a 30% discount on all the products except for classic bags. Heard that it is a rule that was established not too long ago.
  10. Can't remember what the discount was but I know they have a limit per country. Say like every country they go to, they can buy up to $10k with staff discount of 30%.., something along that line. Eg, a Singapore staff could go to Paris and buy up to $10k on staff rates
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