I heard back from BV about my special order!!!

  1. My special order has been APPROVED!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::wlae::woohoo:I am beyond excited about it - I will get my small flap clutch in Ottone!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Sorry, tPfers, I cannot contain my excitement! The time frame I was given is 12 weeks to ship from Italy, so my SA said to figure I would have it in my hands some time in June. I want to jump up and down!!! Now, I figure they told me June, but truly, I am not expecting to have it before the end of summer....I am counting on some delays. That's ok....I knew it would involve waiting going into this. The high from getting the approval will last quite a while I am sure!!!
  2. :woohoo:Yaaaayyyy!!!:woohoo: I am sooo happy and excited for you, Olympia!! Congratulations!! It's something so worth waiting for, and we'll be pink ottone small clutch twins!!

    And think about it, Tomas Maier OKed your order, how cool is that!!
  3. I did think of that Mid-!!! I am really pretty honored to think he gave his approval! I think this will be in the regular ottone, not the pink or green undertone - that is what I was told anyway. I wouldn't mind either way. This is just so exciting for me!!!
  4. wow, it's even more special!! I saw the longer clutch in original ottone at boutiques, and the only reason I didn't get it is that I wanted it smaller!! enjoy the anticipation, hunn!!
  5. Congrats, Olympia177 - ottone is such a fantastic colour!
  6. Many Congrats Olympia, can't wait to see this very special piece.
  7. Great news Olympia177!! Hope the wait doesn't turn out to be too long and that it blows you away when it arrives!
  8. That is exciting news! I have been thinking about asking for a special Montaigne. My SA said they will even put an engraved plate inside....to say, commemorate a milestone birthday. Well, I'm having a milestone birthday this year....hmmm.

    How long did it take to get the approval? I am so happy for you!
  9. :yahoo:

    How exciting!!! I :heart Ottone! You should definitely have a ticker sorta thing to count down to it when we get closer to June!
  10. :yahoo: I understand your excitement, because I'm waiting on a special order too!

    It's the "iron and brass" medium cabat. It was in the F/W 2007-2008 catalog.

    I saw it at the store, but wasn't sure about spending $$$$. Then of course when
    i couldn't live without it, it was gone. My SA said they only made 10 or so. Then they found one in a couple of other stores, one here and one in Europe, but they had been special ordered for customers. So they're making one for me, and, I'm told, putting my initials on the plaque. They were going to put my name, but I told them my own initials were enough! ;) ! It's due to arrive in May. I'm counting the days! I have the matching key ring waiting to go around the handle!
  11. Such happy news Olympia and PorsheGirl. Pls remember to post pics!!!
  12. pls post pics of ur special order!
  13. wow, bespoke bvs - the ultimate customised experience. please do share with us when your additions arrive.:girlsigh:
  14. I've just fainted.

    WOW, not just a cabat, but a custom-made cabat :yahoo::yahoo:

    And Olympia , I can't wait to see your ottone clutch, that is going to be so beautiful. :heart:
  15. Congrats!!! I know how exciting it can be to know your very own SO is on the way!!!!