I hear Paris Bombay is making a COMEBACK!!!

  1. Apparently Mrs Cruise (Kattie Holmes) was photographed with a beautiful Black Box Paris Bombay and the phones have gone off at the Madison Ave store. Which means that these are going to get very hard to come by.

    Does someone have the new issue of Star Magazine? I don't have it but I wanna see!!!!!

    I was told by my SA that she looks like the "Epitome of Class" She has obviously grown up since making pals with VB (The Queen Bee) who is the influence behind her sudden hunger for Hermes.

    I now own 2 Paris Bombay in PM sizes. I love them. It's a very casual bag and not so "high maintenance" I'm also thinking of White Epsom and also a Black Box. Hopefully I won't have a problem on getting them now! :cursing:
  2. Baggs - it is true - she was sporting one and there is a photo somewhere on tpf of her with it (barely noticeable but very elegant in box!) I'll see if I can find it! hNe
  3. Here is a picture of my Gold Vache Liegee PH. Purchased it last year from the Mad store. The prettiest bag! :heart:

  4. I'm gonna do a search!

  5. your bag is :drool::drool::drool: !!! i love it, this is the exact same colour + leather i would love to have for a PB bag!
  6. YES! I love this look!!!!


    Go Katie GO!
  7. I just recently got a Rouge Garrance. Gotta take pics!
  8. OOOOOooo, yes, :drool:Rouge Garrance! Fabulous!
  9. It´s a fantastic elegant bag.
  10. The bag is cute -- what size is that btw?

    I think her haircut looks great on her --gives her a very confident, independent look. Good for her!
  11. ITs a PM size.
  12. Thanks!

    Of course, I totally love your vache liagee Paris Bombay. Very classy bag.
  13. It's just like mine!!

    She's so pretty and the PB looks great with her *look* in fact, I feel it pulls it together.

    I feel the PB fell into some corner when it was released a year or so ago. It's like it was so under even the Hermes radar that it was overlooked by many.

    Maybe now it will get the attention it rightfully ( I feel ) deserves! The lux interior on these bags is to die for!

    Baggaholic, you made such a beautiful choice with the VL PB....:yes: