I haven't used my PCE yet....planning to go to the boutique tomorrow!

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  1. Here's my intended shopping list: Bridgit in camel or black, leaning towards camel and Sabrina (small/medium) in steel. Has anyone heard of anymore colors Sabrina is available in to be ordered from JAX?

    I was hoping the Japan site would be updated before I leave tomorrow morning. About how long after the US site does it take the Japan's to be updated?
  2. I was told black, espresso and magenta on the sabrina.
  3. I'm thinking magenta maybe a little too bright for my taste. I prefer a bag in the 'red' (cherry, cranberry) family, as opposed to the pink family. I will probably go w/the espresso then. I thought steel was supposed to be available. I think I will call JAX later this evening.
  4. I called JAX yesterday and they said it was available but Likited but they couldn't pull it up in the boutique. I had them take my info and they are goig to call me when the cherry comes in.
  5. That's the one I want also: cherry! I was told by JAX, 2nd or 3rd week in October. I wonder if the cherry will be the same price as espresso.