I havent seen one word about the Mulberry Smithfield! How come?

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  1. Do you guys not like this bag? I was trying to glean some info from this thread and couldnt find anything about the smithfield bag and am kind of shocked. If anyone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it!

    4e8b_1.JPG c9a5_1.JPG
  2. I agree, this is a love of mine. Would purchase if the large size was in black, but the medium size is a bit small for me. I think this bag is totally functional yet very stylish at the same time. I am pretty sure they are getting rid of this style, unfortunately. Love the pockets in the front and the good size strap drop length, and it is very comfy over the shoulder. I love the Smithfield! :heart:
  3. I like it,a lot,but with having a 19 month old,my bag requirements are a little bigger!!! Hence I have an Elgin coz its like a bin bag!!!
    But thinking about it,until I got my Annie,all mine are very square or boxy shaped,so I have'nt really looked at bags that shape that much up until now really.I did find a couple in gorgeous colors that are on the photo reference thread!!xxx

    just as a quick after thought,we don't talk about bags that much,we're all too busy gossiping!! Sorry!! But the pic of your Smithfeild is beautiful,has a lovely soft gloss and patina to it!!!xxx
  4. I wasn't bowled over by the Smithfield when I saw it. It's a decent size but it's rather stiff & not that appealing IMO.
    I've seen it in blue, green & red and decided it was not one I would be adding to my collection. Maybe it would soften with us but it just seemed too boxy and solid.
  5. I would imagine that these bags would all soften up and age nicely like all Mulberry bags, no?
  6. I like it, I think it'd look great in a pale colour, especially vanilla :smile:
  7. ^^^ I agree about the vanilla. Personally, I really like the bag, but I am looking towards more casual bags.

    Wonder what colors they will put out for spring?????
  8. So now these bags will end up at the outlets because discontinued...? Lucky for us.

  9. Thank goodness for TG - always looking on the sunny side!!!!:heart::heart:
  10. I love the large Smithfield, was gonna get one, but plumped for a Chloe Elvire instead.
  11. I'd really love one in red - I think they're beautiful! Sadly, red or blue was never released here in Sweden.
  12. Sorry, I just think that they are horrible, but then alot of people say that about my Mabel so I guess its just "Horses for courses"

    Good job there is a massive selection to pick from, a bag for everyone.
  13. Tara - you are so funny! I was trying to be diplomatic and you just come straight out with it!! You're right though, it is horrid IMO. But, as you say, each to their own.
  14. Tara,you have once again reminded me I must practice my pelvic floor exercises!! I nearly p**sed on my chair!!!!!!!!LOL!!!:nuts:
  15. Nice image Chaz! So glad I had caesarians!!