I haven’t posted in years but…

  1. I haven’t posted on the purse forum in years, but I had to share the news with someone… For some reason, I have always wanted a Chloe Paddington. I think when I started to fall in love with purses, these were the “it” bags. I’ve gotten the Gucci bags, the Louis Vuitton‘s, and many others… But I always wanted a Chloe Paddington. Lxr and Co at Lord and Taylor had a steal on a burnt orange one, and I snapped it up. There were actually two! Here are some pictures… It’s heavy, but I still love it. It’s still more comfortable to carry than my Gucci Indy, but that’s not saying much. :smile:
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  2. Here are some pictures...
    BF52F8BE-FAD8-40DF-8487-03B362FA3E1B.jpeg 59571CD3-4938-4D5E-A216-6CDC5D4869DE.jpeg 0B354269-BE4C-4FF1-A9C1-859573C15F3F.jpeg CDCE675E-D44F-4C0B-BA39-BD2414B11FEA.jpeg
  3. Some things seems to be the kind that you never get out of your head until you have them, no matter how many years that go by! :biggrin: Congratuations on your new bag! It's super pretty!
  4. Ooohhhh it’s beautiful and I love the color. Congratulations!
  5. Super pretty color and looks to be in excellent condition. I am a sucker for orange bags of any hue :biggrin: This may be my favorite color I have ever seen in the Paddington.
  6. It is gorgeous, and I too still hanker after a Paddington. I bought and returned a super fake many years ago, which gave me a taste for the bag. It is such a yummy squishy bag. Enjoy!