I haven’t posted in years but…

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  1. I haven’t posted on the purse forum in years, but I had to share the news with someone… For some reason, I have always wanted a Chloe Paddington. I think when I started to fall in love with purses, these were the “it” bags. I’ve gotten the Gucci bags, the Louis Vuitton‘s, and many others… But I always wanted a Chloe Paddington. Lxr and Co at Lord and Taylor had a steal on a burnt orange one, and I snapped it up. There were actually two! Here are some pictures… It’s heavy, but I still love it. It’s still more comfortable to carry than my Gucci Indy, but that’s not saying much. :smile:
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  2. Here are some pictures...

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  3. Some things seems to be the kind that you never get out of your head until you have them, no matter how many years that go by! :biggrin: Congratuations on your new bag! It's super pretty!
  4. Ooohhhh it’s beautiful and I love the color. Congratulations!
  5. Super pretty color and looks to be in excellent condition. I am a sucker for orange bags of any hue :biggrin: This may be my favorite color I have ever seen in the Paddington.
  6. It is gorgeous, and I too still hanker after a Paddington. I bought and returned a super fake many years ago, which gave me a taste for the bag. It is such a yummy squishy bag. Enjoy!
  7. It’s lovely... I too have started posting again after being away for years and just bought my first Paddington at AFF. Posted all the pics in authenticate forum just to be sure. Hopefully someone can advise on its authenticity. Always wanted a Paddington, actually did buy a jeans moyen on eBay years ago but ithe lining was in horrible shape and never took it to be refurbished. Lock broke in shipment also... but I’m going to fix and take it to a bag restoration shop.
  8. Lovely bag! The Paddington will always be one of those it bags, I think! One everyone wants! Such a cool and boho classic! Enjoy your new baby :yahoo:
  9. I LOOOOVE the paddington! I will never sell mine. I tried to buy another one but it turned out to be a fake so I sent it back. I’d still buy a second one for my collection if I found one I really liked. Your color is beautiful and unique.
  10. Hi everyone, I've never posted here before, but I have been enjoying reading everyone's Chloe chatter! I have started picking up a few preloved bags, mostly dating around 2006-7 and I am so impressed with the quality of the leather and stitching on these bags! I have just bought a Paddington and used the Authenticity guide to check everything before I bought it. But I'm having an issue with the padlock and the seller is telling me that I'm not locking it properly...
    Can anyone who has a Paddington tell me if you need to use the key to LOCK the padlock? I assumed that it just pushes together, locks and then you need the key to open it. In any case, it keeps springing open and I'm worried it will fall off and I'll lose it :confused1:
    Any advice would be great!